Dr. Dre talks golden era of old school music & uncovers the stories behind the beats that shaped generations


In the premiere episode of “Behind the Patrol,” Lindsey Renee sits down for an exclusive conversation with the legendary music producer and visionary, Dr. Dre. The two embark on a journey through the golden era of old school music, reminiscing about timeless classics and uncovering the stories behind the beats that shaped generations. From the birth of hip-hop to the evolution of West Coast sound, this episode is a must-listen for music aficionados and enthusiasts alike. What makes this episode truly special is Dr. Dre’s rare appearance in a sit-down interview. With a career spanning almost 40 years, Dr. Dre is notorious for his elusive nature, making this conversation a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for fans. Yet, he finds himself captivated by Lindsey’s profound knowledge and passion for music, showcasing a side of him rarely seen before.

Dr. Dre about music evolving through the years.
“Super Fly” by Curtis Mayfield is my favorite album of all time. I’ve been listened to his songs my entire life. But I have different outlook on why the artists from 60s and 70s have changed. I think the technology enabled artist to be a lot more creative because when 70s came in that’s when you started having multi-tracks. Marvin Gaye was able to do all of his own backgrounds. Imagine his any album in 70s without him doing his own backgrounds and there being background singers doing it, it would not be the same. So many multi-tracks came in 70s that’s when the real creativity in music started happening. In 80s it got a lot more pop. Michael Jackson and Prince. It got more pop but still fantastic music. But, in my opinion, the 70s is when it really made that switch and turn to be in really creativity. That’s why I always go to 70s music, especially soul music to get that inspiration.

Dr. Dre about his favorite records and discovering new talents 
Everybody ask me what is your favorite record. I always say that the next one. All the music that I recorded in my career, I started recording in 1985, I feel like, maybe 20-30% of the music I record has come out. My music is not for everybody. I just love recording. It’s for my friends, family and really just for me. I like discovering new talents. That’s one of the reasons why we sitting here right now. Cause I saw you on Instagram and I was like how this young woman have this library of music in her head. I was like ‘I wanna meet her and have conversation.’ I’m pushing 40 years of my career right now and there’s just few artists that I’ve worked with were established. Those being 2Pac, Mary J. Blige and Busta Rhymes. Those are the only artists that I worked with in my entire career that were already established. I like working with new up and coming talent.

Dr. Dre is currently working on Snoop Dogg’s “The Missionary” album. As Snoop revealed couple of weeks ago, Dre will start mixing the record in the middle of April. Dre also have few tracks on new Eminem album, which is also coming out this year. Dre is an executive producer of the album…You can watch the full new interview below:


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