Eminem Speaks Out About His Beef With Benzino and Coi Leray (Video)

The feud between Eminem and Benzino has resurfaced once again, bringing back memories of their longstanding rivalry that dates back to the early 2000s. The recent flare-up stemmed from Benzino’s inclusion of Eminem and his daughter, Coi Leray, in a diss track featured on a compilation album. To grasp the roots of this conflict, we need to rewind to 2002 when Eminem released “The Eminem Show.”

Upon its release, the album garnered critical acclaim, but The Source magazine’s rating of four out of five mics didn’t sit well with Eminem, who believed he deserved a perfect score. This sparked his resentment toward Benzino, a co-founder of The Source, whom Eminem accused of racial bias for not awarding him the coveted fifth mic.

The feud escalated with Eminem dissing Benzino in interviews and refusing to collaborate with him. Benzino retaliated with diss tracks like “Pull Your Skirt Up,” igniting a back-and-forth exchange of lyrical jabs.

As the feud intensified, Eminem unleashed scathing diss tracks like “The Sauce” and “Nail in the Coffin,” while Benzino attempted to rally support with tracks of his own. However, Eminem’s lyrical prowess and relentless attacks garnered widespread acclaim, while Benzino faced backlash for his threats against Eminem and his family.

The feud reached its peak in 2003 with Eminem’s decisive victory, leading to Benzino’s eventual departure from The Source. Despite attempts to revive the beef over the years, including Benzino’s recent diss track, “Dooms Day Part Two,” the conflict seems to have lost its momentum.

Coi Leray, Benzino’s daughter, expressed embarrassment over the feud, hinting at a strained relationship with her father. While fans speculate on potential responses from both parties, some hope for reconciliation, signaling an end to this decades-long feud. However, with Eminem’s recent diss track targeting Coi Leray, the possibility of reconciliation remains uncertain. Will this mark the end of the feud, or are more diss tracks on the horizon? Only time will tell.


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