Katt Williams Discloses Ice Cube’s Request to Write ‘Last Friday,’ Cɾιtιcιzеs Chris Tucker

Katt Williams Discloses Ice Cube’s Request to Write ‘Last Friday,’ Criticizes Chris Tucker

In a recent interview on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, comedian and actor Katt Williams revealed that Ice Cube had approached him to pen the screenplay for ‘Last Friday,’ the proposed fourth installment in the beloved Friday film franchise.

When asked if he would consider reprising his role as Money Mike for another Friday film, Williams confirmed his willingness and disclosed that Ice Cube had sought his assistance in crafting the plot for the movie. Williams stated, “Cube already asked me to write it. I was supposed to have been writing it. This is what these guys are mаd about,” referencing the various comedians he has had disagreements with over the years.

Expressing a sense of urgency, the 52-year-old comedian emphasized the need to make ‘Last Friday,’ particularly in light of the passing of actor John Witherspoon in 2019. Witherspoon had played the character Willie Jones, father to Ice Cube’s Craig Jones, in the previous Friday films.

“We lost some great people before [Friday 4] could come out, regardless. So yes, there desperately needs to be one. But we miss John Witherspoon in a way that can’t really be quantified,” Williams remarked.

Taking a dig at Chris Tucker, Williams referenced the comedian’s alleged association with late convicted s.e.x offender Jeffrey Epstein and made light of Tucker’s close friendship with the late pop icon Michael Jackson. “And the Chris Tucker we got now is ‘Epstein Island’ Chris Tucker,” quipped the Cincinnati native.

Williams also suggested that Tucker’s reluctance to reprise his role as Smokey in subsequent Friday films was influenced by his religious beliefs. “[Chris Tucker] did not want to be the ‘poster child’ for smoking marijuana like his Smokey character. He’s in the church. He was Michael Jackson’s best friend… Michael Jackson called him ‘Christmas.’ You ever met a man that gave you a little nickname like that?” Williams added.