After attacking Cardi B, this infamous female rapper “had the audacity” to say that Nicki Minaj no longer deserves to be the “queen of rap”.

Azealia Banks doesn’t seem to be happy with anything going on in the hip-hop music scene as she keeps attacking one person after another.

Most recently, this multi-talented female rapper put another artist on the chopping block, and this unfortunate person is an equally formidable figure in the hip-hop music industry – the “Queen of Rap”. ” Nicki Minaj. Specifically, Azealia Banks criticized her senior for just releasing a collaboration product with male rapper 6ix9ine (also known as Tekashi) on the song “Fefe” in a series of posts on Twitter and Instagram Story.

The singer “Anna Wintour” expressed her anger at Tekashi’s legal scandals in the past. In 2015, the male rapper and a friend had sex with a minor (13 years old at the time). In the recorded video, this girl is even naked.

Azealia immediately took to social networks to express her disagreement:

Too much for me. I’m deleting my barb card membership. She is officially over.

— AZEALIA BANKS (@CHEAPYX0) July 24, 2018

“That’s enough for me. I’m deleting my Barb membership card. Her career is over.”

Pedophilia is absolutely gross and evil. Anyone who supports that shit is a lunatic.

— AZEALIA BANKS (@CHEAPYX0) July 24, 2018

“Pedophilia is a disgusting thing. Anyone who supports it is crazy.”

Nicki recently announced that Tekashi will be one of the artists joining her tour this fall.

I’m sorry. Dude gets convicted and you’re still trying to help him out of it? That is very dark.

— AZEALIA BANKS (@CHEAPYX0) July 24, 2018

“I’m sorry. This guy was convicted and you’re still trying to help him? That’s terrible.”

“Wow. There will be a rap queen soon. New criteria to be a rap queen: As a rap queen, you are responsible for protecting the rights, safety and well-being of young women of color , and that means you shouldn’t hang out or sing with famous pedophiles, because that’s sending the message that it’s okay for 18-year-old boys to have sex with pedophiles. 13 year old girl and it won’t cost anything. Don’t ever be so desperate for chart success that you slap all your 8-15 year old fans in the face and also their mothers for allowing their daughters to listen to these things.”

“The female rap scene is changing rapidly. Hiphop is the only genre today that normalizes and trivializes sexual assault and physical abuse against women. It’s sad. No offense intended.” It’s like the whole YouTube culture has taken over the music industry, and everyone is ignoring ethical standards and looking for ways to make money.”

Previously, at the beginning of this month (July 5), Azealia also “lightly criticized” her senior’s image in a new MV called “Bed” : “Your hips and butt are too big for that mermaid tail haha . She also tried… so cute”  or thought that Nicki was out of time: “She knows that sooner or later I will surpass her, so I don’t need to pretend to be humble at all. Cardi even surpassed her this year. The truth of the matter is that Nicki’s reign is almost over. I saved her from Iggy but she couldn’t get up to save herself from Cardi. Now Cardi is going to “swallow” her and I can’t do anything about it. I’m so fed up with her.”

Although a talented rapper, Azealia is only famous for her controversies and attacks on her colleagues, including a long list of artists such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Remy Ma, Iggy Azelea, TI, Rita Ora, Zayn Malik, Lilly Allen, Pharrell, etc. This year, the latest victim who was attacked the most by her was Cardi B – simply because Cardi is the hottest name in the industry. hip-hop music for nearly a year now.

It all started last year when Cardi “made waves” with “Bodak Yellow” , Azealia took to Twitter to express her hatred for her juniors: “I’m sorry but black industry men this Latin girl is so hyped, I’ve never seen them this excited for Remy or Nicki. I want that spicy Latin spice and she just gives me a poorer, worse version of Nicki.”

In an interview last May, female rapper Azealia Banks also called Cardi “an incompetent, ignorant and uneducated rat” and also claimed that her female colleague was a “caricature of a woman of color” .

More specifically, in this interview, Azealia praised Beyoncé’s album “Lemonade” before criticizing Cardi: “Two years ago, the controversy about black women’s culture really reached an all-time high.” era. We showed our power. Beyoncé released “Lemonade”, igniting black women and creating a truly powerful transformation across the country. And then, everything seemed like that changed and then Cardi B came along. If my spelling and grammar were as bad as [Cardi], my career would be over. If Nicki Minaj wrote words like that, she would get criticized non-stop. I don’t understand how we went from Beyoncé, “Lemondade”, the Black Lives Matter movement, and all those positive controversies to something like this.”

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