Because of her poor childhood, Nicki Minaj spent more than 20 years making this wish come true

Because of her poor childhood, Nicki Minaj spent more than 20 years making this wish come true

Before having her current luxurious life, Nicki Minaj lived in poverty, was fired from her job because of her strong personality.

Nicki Minaj was born in 1982, her real name is Onika Tanya Maraj. She achieved success quite late after going through many events in life. The female rapper is considered to have her own rap style and unique intonation. She was once honored by an editor from New York Times magazine as the most influential female rapper of all time.

How rich is Nicki Minaj?

Minaj was discovered by rapper Lil Wayney and signed a contract with Lil’s record label, Young Money Entertainment, in 2009. In more than 10 years of career, Nicki Minaj has received 10 Grammy nominations and won 6 American Music Awards. Awards, 7 BET Awards, 3 MTV Video Music Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards.

According to Celebrity Net Worth statistics, Nicki Minaj’s assets can be up to 75 million USD, including money from music, movies, tours, collaborations with other artists, and fashion clothes with brands like MAC. Cosmetics, OPI, Pepsi,…

Some of the female rapper’s significant earnings include her appearance at American Idol 2013, alongside Mariah Carey, Keith Urban, and Randy Jackson. Just by participating in the “lifetime” show (where she threatened to kill Mariah Carey because of some controversy), Minaj earned $12 million, according to Reuters.

In 2014, Floyd Mayweather Jr. – the boxer known as “The Lone Ranger” – once paid Minaj more than 50,000 USD with just one condition: to attend his daughter’s 14th birthday. A year later, she was paid $300,000 to $500,000 for performing at a bar.

In 2017, Nicki Minaj was the female rapper with the highest income, information provided by Forbes magazine. The Triniadad-born singer earned $16 million, joining the ranks of famous names like Dr. Dre (34.5 million USD), Chance the Rapper (32), Kendrick Lamar (30), Wiz Khalifa (28), Pitbull (27), DJ Khaled (24), Future (23), Kanye West (22), Birdman (20), Swizz Beatz (17), Snoop Dogg (16.5). All of these names are male rappers with “luck” in the American rap industry.

Poor childhood before becoming famous

At the age of 5, Nicki Minaj left the Port of Spain area in her hometown of Trinidad to move with her mother to a miserable, poor neighborhood in Queens, New York. This is the milestone, the moment she begins a new life where her talent truly shines.

Nicki Minaj tiết lộ lí do hoãn ra mắt album “Pink Friday 2”

In a 2010 Rolling Stone interview, Nicki confided: ‘When I first came to America, I walked right into the bedroom, knelt at the foot of the bed and asked God to give me wealth. so I can take care of my mother’.

To reach her current success, Nicki Minaj has gone through many different types of jobs. She used to work as a waitress at a restaurant, but then she was fired because of her unprofessional attitude. She was fired about 15 times for the same reason.

“During that time, I was fired many times… because of my attitude. I used to work at a restaurant… and I ran after a customer on the street just to stick my middle finger in her face and get my pen back…” Nicki said “I swear to God, I was really bad (at the time),” Nicki shared in an interview with Billboard about her past.

Nicki Minaj is still married, despite Instagram name change

Perhaps Nicki was destined to be a star, not a waiter. And perhaps, her prayer was completely heard by God, and today we can see a unique female singer with an unmatched crazy, monstrous style and, of course, sales. Her music is also among the giants in the music industry.

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