Beyoncé bought a private jet for nearly $40 million as a gift for her husband

Jay-Z is one lucky husband!

An American news site said that the Single Ladies singer spent money to buy a plane to give to her husband. The type of plane that Beyoncé bought for Jay-Z is a Bombardier Challenger 850 with a luxurious design, perfect for personal flights. This plane has a private cabin, a living room, a kitchen, a bedroom and two bathrooms. This is truly a very “fun” gift from Beyoncé.


“Beyoncé thought this was a great way to show her affection for Jay-Z.” – said a source. It is known that the female singer wants the whole family to have a happy vacation with this private plane as a means of transportation. The gift that  Beyoncé  gave her husband cost up to 25 million pounds (more than 800 billion VND).

Fans of the female singer couldn’t help but marvel at Beyoncé’s wealth. “She is such a successful and wealthy singer.” – said a fan. Besides, many people are also touched by the love that Beyoncé has for her husband and think that the couple is exactly a “perfect couple”.


The plane Beyoncé “bought” to give her husband was like this one


Extremely luxurious interior.

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