Cardi B Blown Away By Offset’s Over-the-Top Birthday Surprise: ‘You Always Go Beyond For Me’

Cardi B Blown Away By Offset’s Over-the-Top Birthday Surprise: ‘You Always Go Beyond For Me’

She loves everything about her hubby: his face, his body, his ankles, his soul and… his farts?

If there are any rose petals, balloons or candles left in Atlanta it’s not for Offset‘s lack of trying. The Migos rapper went way above and beyond to celebrate wife Cardi B‘s 31st birthday on Wednesday (Oct. 11) by flooding the zone at the couple’s house with a lavish display.

“Thank you soo much babe @offsetyrn …you always go beyond for me,” Cardi wrote on Instagram alongside a video of her freaking out over the surprise, which included rose petal-strewn steps, an entire room covered in petals, giant “Happy Birthday” balloons, an enormous flower heart with the “Bongos” MC’s name on it and a ceiling covered in pink balloons.

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“I love your skin,I love your face,I love your body , your ankles,I love your soul,I love your heart,I love your fart ,I love your faith,I love your talent ,I will BITE anybody for you lmaaooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️,” Cardi added.

In the audio of the clip, Cardi can’t believe the lengths ‘Set went to to honor her, saying, “Ahhh… So this is why you was rushing me to go downstairs and eat?… Wow, oh my God. This n—a, I swear to God! Wow. I love you, thank you.


Cardi B and Offset

Seems like it’s gonna be his birthday the way i’m gonna [mouth noises]. I love you, I love you, thank you so much. I’ll bite you b–ches for this man!”

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Cardi and Offset married in 2017 and they share two children, 5-year-old Kulture Kiari and 2-year-old Wave Set. Bold displays are clearly his thing, as last month Offset celebrated their sixth anniversary by, you guessed it, filling up the foyer of their house with an avalanche of pink and red flowers and white candles. “Thank you for the flowers, the empowerment, the protection and for being a great father to our children… I love so many things about you,” Cardi wrote at the time.

Check out Offset’s lavish gift below.