Cardi B expressed her dissatisfaction with social networks and responded harshly when her un.born child was m.u.r.d.e.r.e.d by Nicki Minaj’s fans.

The unique female rapper has never hesitated to express her opinion on topics like this.

Cardi B’s rise from a stripper, to an Instagram sensation and now finally becoming one of the most popular female rappers at the moment, seems to always bring endless inspiration to for many people out there to dare to stand up and strive for their dreams. However, this also seems to make some people feel dissatisfied and uncomfortable, thinking that someone like her with a past as a stripper does not deserve to become a famous artist like she is now, nor like criticizing the music industry for being so rotten by harboring Cardi.

With the mood swings and irritability of a pregnant woman, the female rapper doesn’t seem to feel bored with anyone anymore and freely posts on Instagram and Twitter emotional lines criticizing not only those who anti but also talked about the negative effects of social networks on celebrities and artists.

The photo says: “Social networks are driving celebrities crazy. If you are a fan of these celebrities and their work, always support them and show them love.” . These celebrities are not as tough and thick-skinned as you think.”

Cardi added:“Social media is the most disgusting place. It makes me question humanity and not just on celebrities, but on other people and many other situations. I see people here laughing and rejoice in the suffering of others. People wish for children to be separated from their parents. Expect other people’s careers to fail and no matter how they will provide for their families. Expect breakups in other people’s relationships, marriages and families. Lowering other people’s self-esteem. What are you doing this for? Like, retweet and a few followers or comments Just a response? Keeping doing and thinking bad things in your mind is the reason why God doesn’t help you succeed in life. I’m not talking about myself,I just see a lot of terrible people, and it makes me feel horrible.”

This post by the female rapper is somewhat understandable as she just became a victim of this raging social network when a Nicki Minaj fanpage was so cruel that she prayed the worst for her upcoming first child. Born of the singer “Bodak Yellow” . Cardi re-shared the video from the fanpage above, from the movie “Legion” showing an old woman telling a pregnant woman “your baby will burn” with the caption:

“I don’t pay attention to these weird fanpages because they only talk nonsense and because they have too much free time. But this bastard really makes me mad. You guys are all miserable people.” . Please report this page! People with no sense and no heart should not have access to the internet. You think this is just a game and you don’t dare show your face you guys eccentric. I hope your mother dies slowly.”

Even some of Nicki’s fans hoped the singer would speak up to stop her overzealous fans from wishing bad things on Cardi’s baby, tweeting: “One of Nicki’s fanpages prays for the baby of Cardi B is dead. Nicki needs to speak up to stop this.” Another person also accused Nicki’s fans of having unkind actions and words up until now: “First they made fun of Lil Kim’s daughter on Instagram, then they joked about Remy’s miscarriage. Ghosts and now they’re planning for Cardi B’s unborn child to die. Nicki Minaj really has the worst fan community in history!”

A few days later, Cardi launched another attack on Twitter. Although most of these tweets have now been deleted immediately, and only one short tweet remains, it is enough to summarize and explain Cardi’s mood at the moment: ” It’s like Cardi B is taking on the world.”

Let’s take a look at her deleted tweets:

“Suddenly everyone had a story to say about me, Cardi this Cardi that, as soon as I became famous.”

“Where was all this bullshit when I was on Love & Hip Hop or when I was posting videos on Instagram? I told you, when you’re at the peak of your success, they’ll try trying my best to pull you down.”

“And I’ve never had to play the victim, I’ve always been a gangster. I’m just disgusted and tired of people who only talk bad about me. Where are all these bullshit problems when Cardi made a mixtape? Where? Where? Now it’s Cardi this, Cardi that. Go away.”

“Tired of being humble, tired of being nice, tired of keeping everything to myself. I’ll talk about everything soon. I’m disgusted by their games. “

“You know what? I’m not going to let these people drive me crazy. I’m going to keep eating, going to the studio and posting my pictures and music. I’m so sick of being friendly. You don’t deserve to see the real me in me.”

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