Celebrating her father’s 90th birthday with her children, Madonna emotionally recalled the lessons of her childhood

Celebrating her father’s 90th birthday with her children, Madonna emotionally remembered the lessons of her childhood

‘My father taught me the importance of working hard,’ Madonna shared in congratulating her father on his 90th birthday.


Madonna and her five children celebrate their father’s 90th birthday.

The world’s top female singer Madonna was born in 1958, famous for her youthful lifestyle, soul and charisma forever in her twenties and extremely energetic on the musical path.

Even though she is over 60 years old, in the field of art, Madonna still works hard and inspires the younger generation. One of the reasons for her success is due to her family’s education and care, especially from her father.

Outside of work, Madonna is a woman whose journey to motherhood has been difficult. Madonna only has two biological children (Lourdes Leon – 24 years old, Rocco Ritchie – 20 years old) and four adopted children (David Banda and Mercy Jam – 15 years old, twins Stella Ciccone and Estere Ciccone – 8 years old).

Madonna once shared that being a mother is difficult and complicated, but it’s all worth it. Currently, after going through many difficulties, she feels happy in the sweet bonding moments between the children and her beloved father.




Recently, Madonna shared a photo of her and her five children celebrating her father’s 90th birthday, receiving a lot of support and interest from fans.

The photo was taken in the vineyard of the family villa in Michigan, USA. Madonna’s father was born in Italy and later moved to America. The world’s top pop star admires his father and feels proud and fortunate to receive many lessons from him.

On her father’s 90th birthday celebration, Madonna wrote: “My father was born in Italy, then moved to America. As an immigrant, he went through many difficulties to raise me. He proved to me that working hard is the most important thing. He taught me the importance of working hard and making money honestly in life. I am extremely grateful to him.”

However, life after marriage for the ‘Queen of Pop’ is not favorable and raising children also faces many difficulties.

Her eldest daughter, Lourdes, is following in her footsteps as a talented performer. However, Madonna admitted that she does not have high expectations for her child because she is not confident in herself in the way she educates and is influenced by social networks.

The female singer said: “I feel jealous because everything she does is amazing. She is an amazing dancer, an actress, and can also play the piano. Her talent much better than me, but to achieve this success is really difficult. Social networks put a lot of pressure on me.”

Rocco Ritchie was born in 2000, the son of Madonna and director Guy Ritchie. Born into a famous family, the boy had a luxurious life and was sought after by the media since he was born, but after his parents divorced, he went through many ups and downs, even being arrested for possession. cannabis in 2016.

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