Close-up of the luxurious interior inside Messi’s $15 million private jet

Messi bought a private plane in 2018. In addition to the luxurious interior, the plane also has the number 10 printed on the tail – M10’s jersey number.


Messi’s plane is a Gulfstream V worth about 15 million USD. A special feature is the number 10 on the tail of the plane. The aircraft is 29m long, 8m high with a width including wingspan of 28m. Photo: Goal


According to the design specifically for Messi’s family, each step on the stairs leading to the aircraft cabin is printed with the name of a member of this Argentine footballer’s family: Leo, his wife Antonela and three sons Thiago, Mateo, Ciro. Photo: Goal


Inside the plane there is a kitchen and two spacious bathrooms with amenities like a hotel in the sky. Photo: Goal


The 16 seats on the plane can be combined into 8 beds. Photo: Goal


Messi often uses private jets to fly back and forth between matches or take his family on vacation. Photo: Instagram Leo Messi


According to statistics on Sport Bible in October, Messi flew 52 trips by private jet within 3 months. This soccer star was criticized for using planes too much, creating about 1,500 tons of carbon dioxide, which negatively impacts the environment. Photo: Instagram Antonela

 Messi also owns the luxury yacht Maiora Seven C worth $12.2 million. Photo: Instagram Leo Messi


The 28m long yacht has 4 large bedrooms for guests, and a VIP suite for Messi’s family. The yacht is also equipped with toys, kayaks, soccer nets, jet skis… Photo: CG Image

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