David Beckham’s Daughter Gets Fat-Shamed But He Makes Her Feel Loved By Taking Her On Dates

David Beckham has gained millions of fans across different parts of the world for his talent as a football player. But beyond his professional career as a soccer player, David is adored for being a devoted husband and father. Apart from giving his wife and children all the love in the world, he has also proven himself as someone who would do everything to protect his children.

David, a famous English soccer player, has been happily married to his wife Victoria (née Adams) of the girl group Spice Girls for almost two and a half decades now. Since then, they have been gifted with four children: their eldest, Brooklyn Joseph, followed by Romeo James, Cruz David, and their only daughter Harper Seven.

The eldest of their children, Brooklyn, has been showing off his photography skills for a few years and making a name for himself. And like many fathers and sons, David and Brooklyn share a likeness, with Brooklyn looking like the spitting image of his father.

The family would move around a lot in the first decade of Brooklyn’s life, going from Manchester to the south of England, to Madrid, Spain, to Los Angeles, California, before eventually settling back in the UK in London in 2013. The constant moving around was due to David’s career as a professional soccer player, and as he changed clubs, his family moved with him.

But if there’s one thing David’s fans know too well about him, it’s that he is one of the most loving fathers out there. He makes sure to always spend time outside with his children whenever he gets the chance.

David Beckham (2018), (Gareth Fuller – WPA Pool via Getty Images)David Beckham was born on May 2, 1975, in London, England. He is the son of Sandra Georgina, a hairdresser, and David Edward Alan “Ted” Beckham, a kitchen fitter. David also has an older sister and a younger sister.

His parents were huge fans of Manchester United, and they often traveled hundreds of miles to Old Trafford to watch the team during its home matches. It wasn’t surprising to see that David also found a love for soccer – or football as he and the rest of England would call it – and he became a huge fan of Manchester United as well.

Eventually, David won the chance to engage in a training session as part of a talent competition and played for a local youth soccer team that was coached in part by his father. David even became a mascot for Manchester United in a match against West Ham United back in 1986.

He went on to play for the youth team of the Brimsdown Rovers and became quite impressive even at a young age. However, he was a bit smaller than the other boys his age and wasn’t selected to represent the England Schoolboys team because of this.

Lo and behold, though, David’s athletic career was only beginning. He signed as a trainee for Manchester United in July 1991 as part of a group of young players that were coached by Eric Harrison. While we all know David as an established star today, he was turning heads even in his early years. It wasn’t long before he signed as a professional player in January 1993.


David Beckham (2016), (Chris Jackson/Chris Jackson Collection via Getty Images)David floated around between some teams during the 1990s. He went to Preston North End during the season that lasted from 1994 to 1995 in order to get some first-team experience. Like anyone would have expected, David showed off his impressive skills once again as he scored two goals over the course of five game appearances.

However, in 1995, David made his return to his beloved Manchester, making his Premier League debut in April of that year. Although David’s playing was not always perfect, it was respected. He established himself as the team’s right-sided midfielder. And at the start of the season that lasted from 1996 to 1997, David was given a jersey shirt with the number 10 on it. It had most recently been worn by Mark Hughes.

David’s popularity and likability wavered a bit with both fans and sports critics as he moved forward. Still, David helped Manchester United win and hold onto their Premier League title during the 1999 to 2000 season, with David scoring five goals during their season.

The athlete made more changes regarding the team he played for in the following years as his career continued to have its highs and lows. He went on to play four seasons with Real Madrid. However, he is now a former professional soccer player/footballer.

But that doesn’t mean that David doesn’t still have a lot for the sport. In fact, he is president and co-owner of the Inter Miami CF and a co-owner of Salford City. He also enjoys watching soccer games and attending them with his family from time to time.

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham (2018), ( Ian West – WPA Pool via Getty Images)Regarding his family, David went on to marry someone who was also successful – Victoria Beckham. The pair began dating in 1997 after Victoria attended a Manchester United game. At the time, she was well-known for being a member of the Spice Girls, with the moniker “Posh Spice.” Some of their biggest songs included “Wannabe,” “2 Become 1” and “Spice Up Your Life.”

In January 1998, David popped the question to Victoria, asking her to marry him. The couple tied the knot in July 1999 at the Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. David’s best name was his then-teammate, Gary Neville. Prior to this, the couple also welcomed their first child, Brooklyn Beckham, in March 1999. He even acted as David and Victoria’s ring bearer at the ceremony!

According to Metro UK, the newlyweds sat on a pair of golden thrones together at their lavish wedding. The guest list included their family, of course, as well as Spice Girls members Emma Bunton, Mel C and Mel B.

Victoria wore a strapless, floor-length gown designed by Vera Wang that was reported to have cost $100,000. David wore a white suit and also had highlights in his hair at the time.

In 2022, Victoria reflected on her wedding and how much attention it received. She explained to PEOPLE that the media actually “glamorized the wedding much more than it actually was.” She said, “I don’t think I realized when I met David quite what the two of us together would be.” Victoria added:

“When you took David in Manchester United and then you took me in the Spice Girls it was huge. I mean everywhere that we went we were followed by fans and paparazzi and constantly being talked about.”

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham (2015), (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)The couple is still happily married to this day, and they have expanded their beautiful family. David and Victoria went on to welcome three other children into their lives. After Brooklyn, they had another son, Romeo Beckham, in September 2002, followed by yet another son, Cruz Beckham, in February 2005. They then welcomed their fourth child and first and only daughter, Harper Beckham, in July 2011.

As children born into a famous household, it was only fitting that they were given famous godparents. World-renowned singer Elton John is a godfather to Brooklyn and Romeo, while their godmother is actress and model Elizabeth Hurley. Actress Eva Longoria and singer Marc Anthony are the godparents of Cruz and Harper.

According to E! News, Longoria and Anthony were, of course, present at Cruz’s and Harper’s baptisms. Victoria couldn’t help but talk about how “grateful” she was to be surrounded by so many close friends and family and for her kids to have that support as well. She also called the day one of her “proudest.”

Longoria also gushed over how much she loved that Harper was always willing to help out with her own baby, Santiago. The actress also raved about Victoria’s skills as a mother and said:

“Victoria’s an amazing mom. She’s probably one of the first people I do turn to for advice for things.”

Over the years, fans have gotten sneak peeks into David and Victoria’s lives as parents as they have seen them out and about with their kids from time to time.

Harper Beckham, David Beckham (2019), (Alex Caparros – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)Back in 2019, proud father David took his daughter Harper to the England vs. Norway clash during the Women’s World Cup. The father-daughter duo also got to meet England’s Lionesses prior to the game.

The England women’s squad played Norway in a quarter-final battle in Le Havre, France, eventually beating them in a 3-0 victory. That secured their spot in the semi-finals on Tuesday, July 7, 2019. As the former England men’s team captain, David couldn’t miss out on supporting the team and took his daughter Harper with him to watch.

The pair had fun in the stands watching the game, but not before they got to meet the women on the squad first. In an Instagram post of his daughter and the team, he shared:

“So lucky to get to see the girls before tonight’s big game… As a player I know exactly what it means to play in these competitions and to have the support from home which means so much..”

When England and Norway took the field, the two took selfies and rooted for the team, along with David’s mom Sandra.

David has previously shared on the Graham Norton Show that his three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, have stopped playing soccer and that it’s “heartbreaking” so now it’s “down to Harper,” who plays every Sunday. However, in 2020 Romeo started playing soccer again and is now a professional player for Brentford FC.

While David loves all of his children equally, fans can attest that he is very protective, particularly of his only daughter. When his only daughter came into their lives, he couldn’t hide the fact that he was over the moon about her arrival.

David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Romeo Beckham, Cruz Beckham, Brooklyn Beckham (2012), (Dave M. Benett/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)As if it isn’t obvious enough that Harper is a daddy’s girl, his lovely daughter surprised him with matching hoodies from one of his favorite shows – “Friends.”

“Happy Sunday … How You Doin ? @friends. Harper Seven knows how much I love ‘Friends’ so surprised me with my hoodie this morning,” David said.

In June 2022, they flew to Italy to spend time together and have some father-daughter bonding. He uploaded a video of him and Harper enjoying some gelato together at nine in the morning, proving that he occasionally spoils his daughter from time to time.

“Ssssssshhhhhhh don’t tell mummy 9 AM Gelato,” he wrote in the caption of his post. “Sorry mummy @victoriabeckham ❤️ creating special memories with #HarperSeven,” he added.

In another photo shared on a local travel guide page called Visit Italy, David and Harper could be seen riding a gondola in Venice, Italy.

In November 2019, he shared a photo of Brooklyn and Harper enjoying some doughnuts together.

“Donuts for days … Fun with the kids as always,” he said.

But as early as 2012, Harper has already been subjected to various hurtful comments against her, particularly about her body and weight.

“I hear poor little Harper Beckham is already too fat to wear her Mother’s clothes,” one person said.

“LMAO! Look, I know that fat babies are healthy babies, but you really gotta be careful or you’ll end up with a Harper Beckham situation,” another person commented.

In October 2017, Harper once again became the target of harsh comments because of her weight.

“She is massive, bigger than her mum! That child needs to lose weight!” one commenter said.

Romeo Beckham, Harper Beckham, David Beckham (2015), (Jeff Vespa/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images for Burberry)“Harper is 6 which is long past time to have baby fat,” another person remarked.

Naturally, David and Victoria got furious over the fat-shaming their daughter had received from people online. Victoria got worried because she didn’t want her daughter to get too conscious of the way her body looked.

“Victoria was shocked and disgusted by the comments over her little girl,” an insider told the Daily Star. “It really upset her and she would hate for Harper to ever read comments like those and become obsessed about her body image.”

Meanwhile, the insider revealed that David was fuming mad because of the comments, prompting him to almost address it on social media. But David was told not to so as not to encourage trolls from further commenting on the issue.

“David was fuming and wanted to post something about it on social media but was told not to as it may encourage the trolls,” the insider remarked.

Perhaps this is the reason why David constantly takes his daughter on dates.

While Harper doesn’t have official social media accounts yet, Victoria admitted that a part of her is concerned knowing bashing is prevalent on social media – especially since her daughter is at an age where changes in her body are slowly taking place.

“Harper isn’t on social media, so we don’t have to worry about that just yet. But seeing how cruel people can be, yes it really does (concern me),” she told Vogue in an interview back in July 2022.

“She’s at that age where her body is going to start changing, but it’s about making sure that we communicate a lot as a family and she surrounds herself with nice friends. But it is quite terrifying, I can’t lie,” she added.

Harper Beckham, David Beckham (2023), (Darren Gerrish/WireImage for Victoria Beckham via Getty Images)

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