Did Cardi B & Offset REALLY Just Make A F**k Tape In The VMAs Bathroom?!

Love must have been in the air at the 2023 MTV Music Video Awards — and also on the sink and on the tiled floor!

In case you didn’t catch the star-studded show at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey Tuesday night, Cardi B hit the stage to perform Bongos, her new collab with Megan Thee Stallion. And it looks like the show got Offset all hot ‘n’ bothered!

In an NSFW behind-the-scenes snap, the two made a faux sex tape in the VMAs bathroom! No, seriously! Cardi recorded the whole thing and shared it to her Instagram Story, where you can see her bent over the bathroom counter — still in her blue and silver performance garb. The Open It Up rapper stood behind her in a white shirt, black tie, and denim jeans as he dry humped the hell out of his baby momma! From what we can see, though, his zipper was up and Cardi’s dress was intact, so nothing TOO explicit. See what we mean (below):

Cardi B & Offset Doing The Deed -- Kind Of!Down ‘n’ dirty! (c) Cardi B/Instagram

At the beginning of the clip, a friend of the I Like It rapper’s can be heard asking if she has a charger, to which Cardi responded moaning, “Yeah,” telling her to “come — come get” it.

Ha! Nothing we wouldn’t expect from the WAP artist. See her full performance (below):