Doja Cat Has a Message for Her Plastic Surgery Critics: ‘Eat My Farts’

Doja Cat doesn’t care what haters think about her recent plastic surgery procedures

2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Press Room


Doja Cat will always get the last laugh.

The rap superstar recently revealed she underwent two body modification procedures, including liposuction on her hips and breast augmentation, which she continues to joke about on Twitter.

Because of the surgeries, the star has been lying low and healing at home but has used the rest and recovery period to let her Twitter followers in on the healing journey and how she’s feeling now.

At first, the fans were supportive, wanting to know more about how she was feeling.

When a follower asked how she was, Doja responded in two tweets, “4 days into recovery rn,” continuing, “feels ok. i got lipo so my thighs hurt a lot if i move too much. but im healing really fast.”

Later, the rapper hilariously tweeted that she wishes, “i could suck my own titties thats how good they look rn god damn.”

2023 iHeartRadio Music Awards - Press Room


Fans and followers continued to press the “Say So” singer with requests for an updated photo. Requests to which she responded, “soon when they don’t look like two loafs of bread. give it 3 more weeks.”

However, not all the reactions have been ones of support. When Doja responded to a fan asking how her breasts felt, she responded, “theyre swollen” before a critic chimed in “Stop encouraging your young and impressionable fans to change their bodies.”

And, in typical Doja fashion, she shut the hater down while also making sure she had fun doing by responding, “eat my long quiet and warm farts.”

Supporters of the star posted their reactions to the comical reply, which were all along the lines of, “HAHAHAAH I LOVE U,” “Omg gladly,” and “Get them.”

 Doja Cat Rocks a ‘Pretty’ Makeup Look on Instagram as a Clapback to Her Fashion Critics

Doja Cat also clarified the type of procedure in response to comments in the Twitter thread. “Lipo is when fat is transferred from 1 area to another,” one person said, to which the musician responded, “No it is not, dear. That is called a fat transfer. I did not get a fat transfer.”

Doja’s transparency online isn’t new. The star has long kept things real with her fans, including her experience with acne.

Doja Cat Reveals Her Forehead Acne in up-close selfie After Hitting Billboard Red Carpet


Earlier this week, after her return to the red carpet at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, the star posted an unfiltered shot of her forehead acne on her Instagram Story to her 26.1 million followers.

The photo showed her makeup still intact from the Hollywood-based award ceremony and still in the outfit she walked the red carpet in, however, with raised bumps on her forehead showing her current breakout.

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