Doja Cat, SZA ‘Kill Bill’ Remix Released But Fans Thought It Was ‘Shirt’

Doja Cat, SZA ‘Kill Bill’ Remix Released But Fans Thought It Was ‘Shirt’

SZA, Doja Cat

(Photo : Rich Fury/Getty Images for The Recording Academy)

Doja Cat and SZA have linked up once again and it might be one of the biggest collaborations of the year! The two previously collaborated on “Kiss Me More,” which earned them both their respective Grammy awards.

The duo’s collaboration had been highly-anticipated ever since “SOS” was released because SZA teased in a concert that she would recruit Doja Cat for “Shirt,” one of the album’s lead singles.

Doja Cat, SZA ‘Kill Bill’ Remix

To say that the announcement of Doja Cat, SZA’s collaboration was unexpected would be an understatement.

Last night, Doja Cat tweeted out of the blue, telling her sis SZA that she did something. “If you’re following Doja Cat, you know that she mostly let her intrusive thoughts get translated into harmless and controversial tweets. Like any other tweet, most of her fans thought that this was just a normal one.”

However, things escalated quickly when SZA responded, quote tweeting her, almost sounding worried about what she did.


Shortly after, Doja Cat tweeted back with perhaps one of the most awaited announcements both of their fans have long dreaded.

At the time, no one knew what song the two were releasing, whether it was a new collaboration or a remix.

Turns out, it was a remix of one of SZA’s biggest hits ever – “Kill Bill” – which recently returned to its peak at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

Taylor Swift is widely recognized for her exceptional talent in songwriting and performing. Her music is known for its emotional depth and relatability. And now she has broken into the ranks of billionaires!

Check out SZA and Doja Cat’s “Kill Bill (Remix)” below:

Doja Cat, SZA ‘Shirt’

Some fans were shocked to find out that the duo collaborated on “Kill Bill” instead of “Shirt,” which SZA has long been teasing.

In 2022, SZA teased the collaboration at the Mad Cool Festival which hyped up the crowd even further.

“Want to know a secret? You all want to know who’s on this song? It’ll be like our secret, right?” SZA asked, referring to her performance of “Bloodstain/Shirt.” “The hint is we already have a song together. Her name starts with a ‘D’ and it rhymes with Soulja.”

Since then, the fans have anticipated the collaboration, but to their dismay, “Shirt” was released without Doja Cat. In an interview, SZA said that many of her planned collaborations did not push through, but is still optimistic that she would see them on the “SOS” Deluxe Version.

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