Drake mocks Kanye West in his new song, once again “igniting” the intense battle with the infamous rapper

It seems that Drake has once again “instigated” the intense battle between him and the infamous male rapper Kanye West.

Drake mocks Kanye West in new song - Photo 1.

(Photo: Hype Beast)

Today (April 5), Drake revealed a snippet of a new song called Rescue Me. Nothing was unusual until the audience discovered Drake used a recording of Kim Kardashian when mentioning the failed marriage between her and Kanye West.

Specifically, this is a recording from the final season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians released in 2021: “I didn’t go this far just to be unhappy. Remember that.”

Including Kim Kardashian’s dialogue in the new song seems to be a deliberate decision by Drake. In fact, Drake and Kim were once rumored to be in a relationship, while Kim is the (ex) wife of the male rapper’s enemy – Kanye West.

It seems that Drake is once again “heating up” the tense battle between him and the winner of many Grammy awards, despite Kanye’s repeated assertions that the two have reconciled. “Everyone knows that Drake and I had a feud in the past. But what warms my heart is seeing Drake ‘heart’ a photo of me,” Kanye once shared on social networks.

Currently, both Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are silent about this “ironic” move by Drake.

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