Fans Accuse Dwayne Johnson of Lying on Joe Rogan Podcast But Here is Why They Might be Wrong

Fans of the sport are skeptical of Dwayne Johnson’s claims, calling them lies

From being a skilled footballer back in high school to transitioning into one of the biggest names in pro wrestling and then Hollywood, it seems there aren’t many things the actor can’t do. During his recent chit-chat with former UFC commentator Joe Rogan, which spanned almost three hours, Dwayne Johnson also revealed he wasn’t too far from transitioning into the world of MMA.

However, fans of the Brahma Bull are skeptical about the Black Adam Star’s MMA statements, with many deeming the actor’s comments as lies, which might not be the case.

Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson | The Joe Rogan Experience

Dwayne Johnson’s MMA Claims Don’t Hold Any Water Says Fans

During his initial days in the squared circle, Dwayne Johnson was having a hard time cementing himself as a face, as he was constantly getting booed out of the arena by the crowd. Considering the Japanese mixed martial arts promotion PRIDE just held its inaugural event in ’97, Johnson claimed he did consider shifting to MMA at the time, following PRIDE’s hefty paycheck. But fans on the internet are skeptical about the whole thing, refusing to buy the WWE superstar’s story.

Hulk Hogan levels of lying right here 😭😭

— Public Enemies Podcast (@TheEnemiesPE3) November 16, 2023

This sounds like when Hogan said he was almost the bass player in Metallica.

— Wrestling Spotlight 🌐 (@WrestleLight) November 16, 2023

Well well well, Rock seems to be a Hogan friend.

Some of the wrestlers I’ve caught lying or adding extra oil to a story:

— GassedFlair (@GassedOutFlair) November 16, 2023

Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

— MMA watcher🇵🇸 (@MMAwatcher5) November 16, 2023

No he wasn’t…

He’s just as cringey as the people that claimed they watched PRIDE live knowing full well they didn’t know it existed until Rampage and Hendo came over

— 🎬✨🧠 (@emkayultra23) November 16, 2023

Me when I’m lying crazy

— Jungle Jim (@jamesdizarnell) November 16, 2023

And while there isn’t any definitive evidence to prove Johnson’s claims, there is an argument to be made that it might not be all fibs as many are making it out to be.

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Dwayne JohnsonDwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson’s Claims Might Not Be Lies

Unlike today, the MMA landscape back then wasn’t as complex, and one skillset was enough to ensure a decent career inside the ring. And further keeping in mind that his father, Rocky Johnson, initially started out as a boxer before making it big in pro wrestling, it’s reasonable to say the Black Adam Star might’ve picked up a few skills from him. In addition, his friendship with ex-WWE and UFC star Ken Shamrock also strengthens the actor’s claims of considering stepping into MMA at the time, following Shamrock’s expertise in the field.

Dwayne Johnson and Ken ShamrockDwayne Johnson and Ken Shamrock
While there is room for skepticism in the matter, following the above points alongside keeping in mind that Johnson was always a big fan of the sport, his claims don’t appear too far-fetched.

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