Having a cut video released, Taylor Swift fell into a series of dark days for 4 years

Having a cut video released, Taylor Swift fell into a series of dark days for 4 year

On Instagram, Taylor Swift just called on everyone to support the Covid-19 prevention fund and shared her feelings about the leaked video that caused a stir in the world’s entertainment industry.

Just days after the full version of her phone conversation with Kanye West was revealed, Taylor Swift has a new message for fans. The pop star posted on her Instagram Story on March 23 (US time) and shared that she felt vindicated. ”The unedited conversation is proof that I was telling the truth the whole time (you know, the illegal recording that someone edited and manipulated to bring me down and make me live in hell for 4 years)”, Taylor wrote. However, the 30-year-old singer asked everyone to shift their attention from the long-standing feud between her and Kim Kardashian and her husband to something more urgent than the Covid-19 pandemic. 19.

Taylor Swift did not forget to call for support for victims of the Covid-19 epidemic

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The singer directed her followers to Feed America’s website and asked them to donate to the nonprofit organization that operates a network of food banks helping people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 19. ‘ WHO and Feeding America (the largest non-profit hunger relief organization in the US) are an organization to which I have donated. If you have the ability, please join me in supporting this crisis,” Taylor Swift shared. This is a humane move by the singer Lover in the context that America is ranked 3rd among countries with the most positive cases of the new SARS-CoV-2 virus .

Taylor Swift and Kanye West on stage at the VMAs, the event that started their years-long feud

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This shared line is Taylor Swift’s first response after the original recording of the conversation between the singer and Kanye West was leaked. In the edited recording that caused a stir in global showbiz, the singer born in 1989 was determined not to have lied at all during the past time. In the clip, there is an image of Taylor Swift in an almost nude position with the shocking lyrics: “I made that b*tch famous”.

Immediately afterwards, Taylor Swift spoke out against the above song’s content. However, in 2016, husband and wife Kanye West and Kim Kardashian took it a step further: within just a few hours, the two shared “evidence” which was a recorded audio clip of their phone conversation. conversation between Kanye West and Taylor Swift, the content of which stated that Taylor Swift was completely informed in advance about the above controversial lyric and she agreed and had no objections. Kim Kardashian and her husband then edited this phone call to accuse the singer You belong with me of being fake and lying to portray the victim, causing the hashtag #TaylorSwiftIsOverParty to be Top 1 Trending for many days with more than 20 million tweets. The snake symbol also filled Taylor Swift’s Instagram to the point that the IG team had to get involved.
In fact, the black rapper did not warn Taylor about the lyrics of the song Famous, but only heard Kanye West say “I made her famous”, not “I made that b*tch famous”, causing the short clip to be released. 2016 was like a “punch” straight to Taylor Swift and made the whole world believe that Taylor Swift had “turned face”. In addition, in that complete phone call, Taylor also said “I sold 7 million copies of the album ( Fearless ) before you did that”, meaning Kanye did not make Taylor Swift famous. This phone call is proof that Taylor has not lied all this time. The hashtag #KanyeWestIsOverParty is currently #1 Trending Worldwide and #TaylorToldTheTruth is currently trending globally.