How Taylor Swift earns and spends hundreds of millions of dollars

Earning hundreds of millions of dollars by making music and investing in real estate, Taylor Swift bought a private plane, enjoyed life and regularly helped people in need.

According to Forbes , the “Country Music Princess” has an estimated net worth of $740 million. The number will increase after the star ends his Eras Tour

 in 2024.

Taylor Swift’s net worth has increased exponentially over the past few years. Forbes ‘ report shows that her main source of income is record sales, tours, souvenir sales, and cooperation with many multi-industry brands including Capital One, AT&T, Stella McCartney, Elizabeth Arden, American Express, Keds, Diet Coke, Walmart and Apple.

According to the Guardian , the singer earned 230 million USD in revenue after releasing his 10th studio album 

in 2022. After two weeks of release, the product achieved many records: Occupying all positions in the Top 10 Billboard Hot 100, the most streams on Spotify globally on the first day (185 million) and ranked third in the first week of release (549 million), the largest vinyl record sales in a week according to Nielsen history. The album has sold more than 1.6 million copies in the US and more than 3 million copies internationally.

Forbes said Taylor earned $52 million in 2021 after re-recording and releasing Red and Fearless (Taylor’s version). In addition, some of her income that year also came from contracts with Starbucks and American media and exercise equipment company Peloton.

Touring is the star’s most profitable activity. According to the Los Angeles Times , her 1989 world tour helped her earn more than 250 million USD in 2015. In 2018, Taylor earned 315 million USD thanks to the Reputation Stadium Tour with more than 2.6 million tickets sold. Currently, 

the Eras Tour can turn her into a billionaire when it is expected to reach 1.4 billion USD in 2024, becoming the first tour of an artist with revenue exceeding the billion USD mark.

Taylor Swift performs during her Eras Tour in the US.  Photo: Instagram Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performs during her Eras Tour in the US. Photo: Instagram Taylor Swift

Tours not only bring in money through ticket sales, but also through the sale of accompanying souvenirs. Forbes estimates that when each item such as bags, shirts, and keychains costs an average of 80 USD, the total revenue from these items can be up to 87 million USD.

In addition to music, Taylor Swift makes financial investments. In 2022, she withdrew from a $100 million sponsorship deal with Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX after suspecting the company of selling “unregistered securities”. Currently the exchange is bankrupt. Many other celebrities such as Tom Brady and Stephen Curry have been sued for supporting the company.

Taylor Swift also knows how to spend money. The beauty’s real estate portfolio is currently worth $80 million, with eight properties in four states. In Nashville, she owns an apartment larger than 301 square meters estimated at 3 million USD, a Greek-style property larger than 520 square meters worth 2.5 million USD. In the Beverly Hill area (Los Angeles), Taylor has a villa of 1,020 m2, worth nearly 32 million USD.

According to the New York Post , she has a 1,114 square meter property with ocean views in Watch Hill, Rhode Island, worth $17.75 million. This place once inspired the singer to write the song The Last Great American Dynasty . In addition, she has four houses in New York and Tribeca with an estimated total assets of 40 million USD.

To conveniently travel between places, the singer spent money to buy two Dassault private jets. According to SCMP , Taylor has not disclosed the purchase cost, but Elon Musk owns a similar plane that costs about 26 million USD. Living single, the beauty often invites friends to dinner at luxurious, romantic places in New York such as The Fat Radish, The Spotted Pig, Sarabeth’s and L’Asso.

Taylor Swift's villa is 1,020 square meters in Beverly Hills, worth nearly 32 million USD.  This place was built in 1934 and once belonged to Hollywood film producer - Samuel Goldwyn.  Photo: E!

Taylor Swift’s villa is 1,020 square meters in Beverly Hills, worth nearly 32 million USD. This place was built in 1934 and once belonged to Hollywood film producer – Samuel Goldwyn. Photo: E!

Taylor is famous for being generous, often supporting charities and difficult situations. According to People , on her 24th birthday, the star donated $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony Orchestra.

She once donated $1 million to flood victims in Louisiana and $500,000 to flood relief in Nashville. She raised $750,000 through the Speak Now Help Now benefit concert for victims of the 2011 natural disaster in the American South. The singer also donated $4 million to the Music Hall of Fame. Country to sponsor the Taylor Swift Education Center, donating $50,000 to New York public schools.

According to Rolling Stone , in 2016, Taylor gave Kesha $250,000 to help the singer pay legal fees in a lawsuit against music producer Dr. Luke sexually abused . “Taylor Swift is very sweet, sincere and extremely generous. My mom doesn’t always answer the phone when I call, but Taylor always does,” Kesha told Rolling Stone .

According to USA Today , in 2020, Taylor donated $50,000 to a mother of five who lost her husband to Covid-19 a few days before Christmas. Recently, she donated to food banks across America. According to TMZ , before the July 29 performance in Santa Clara, California, the singer spent $5 million , rewarding 50 truck drivers to transport equipment and props for her tour across the United States. In addition to drivers, she also rewards band members, dancers, sound and lighting technicians, caterers and others.

Taylor Swift , 33 years old, is an American singer-songwriter, who rose to fame with country music in 2006. After 10 albums, she received 12 Grammy awards and 29 Billboard awards. Thanks to her musical talent and smart investment, she became one of the richest female singers in the world.