Katy Perry suddenly ‘poured fuel’ into the war between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift

Katy Perry suddenly ‘poured fuel’ into the war between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift

 Katy Perry is said to be on Nicki Minaj’s side to kick off the ‘feud’ against Taylor Swift.


Katy Perry suddenly intervened in the fight between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift \

Artists choose to resolve personal conflicts through social networks – Photo: AFP

The case of Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj’s ‘war of words’ on Twitter related to the MTV Video Music Award nomination  is heating up the press. Recently, Katy Perry also jumped into this fight even though it was not very related.

On July 21, the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards nominations were announced with a quite exciting competition for the title of Video of the Year with Beyoncé – MV 7/11 , Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud, Taylor Swift – Bad Blood , Kendrick Lamar – Alright , Mark Ronson combines Bruno Mars in Uptown Funk

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj’s MV Anaconda c , although very popular, did not appear in this category but was only nominated for Best Video for a Female Artist and nominated for Best Hiphop Video, making the American Idol judges frustrated . contact. On her personal page, she said: “If your video praises slim women, you will be nominated for ‘Video of the Year’. But believe me, one day I will go on stage with an award.” this reward”.

Immediately after that, Taylor Swift also responded and named her colleague: “Nick Minaj, if I win, please come congratulate me. You are invited to all stages where I am present”, nor Forgot to remind “seniors” not to promote women against other women when the nominations out there still have very “formidable” male singers.

Katy Perry suddenly 'poured fuel' into the war between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift - photo 2

Katy Perry suddenly 'poured oil' into the fight between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift - photo 3

Katy Perry had a rather mysterious tweet that criticized Taylor Swift – Screenshot

When the situation was still not calmed down, Katy Perry suddenly “added fuel to the fire” with a status line that said she criticized her former love rival Taylor Swift. “I find it ironic that a person teaches life about comparing women with each other when that same person makes money by bringing down another woman.”

Because the content of the Bad Blood MV is about backstabbing between women who once stood together, it’s not difficult for fans to figure out whose side Katy Perry is on. Notably, Nicki Minaj also liked this tweet by Katy Perry.

In addition, Katy Perry also expressed frustration because her best friend Rihanna’s MV Bitch Better Have My Money missed out on nomination this year. It’s not unusual for some hot MVs to miss nominations. Katy Perry’s famous Roar  was not nominated for any awards, giving way to the temporarily hotter MV Wrecking Ball , even though Roar was much better in the long run than Miley Cyrus’s product. Katy Perry’s Dark Horse surpassed 1 billion views and was not nominated for Video of the Year . Taylor Swift’s Blank Space itself  also has to make room for the hotter video Bad Blood .

Taylor Swift did not continue to comment on the incident. Even Nicki Minaj also refused to share more on Twitter. In any case, Taylor Swift also made fans admire when she led the list of stars at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards  with 9 nominations, of which 7/9 categories belonged to the star-studded MV Bad Blood. 

This year’s VMA awards ceremony is expected to be even hotter with the hosting of Miley Cyrus. The program was held on August 30 at Microsoft Theater, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Katy Perry suddenly 'poured fuel' into the war between Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift - photo 4
Taylor Swift’s latest tweet on July 23: “Happy 23rd birthday Selena Gomez. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years since we first met. Love you so much and always will be” – Photo Screen capture