Kim Kardashian spent more than $12,000 on fake “private parts” for her dog that was sterilized after divorcing Kanye West

Kim Kardashian bought fake testicles for her dog to help the dog “be more confident” after sterilization

Being so rich, Kim Kardashian is willing to “burn money” for any purpose. According to the Daily Mail, recently the “super round 3” star also spent 10,000 pounds  to buy fake testicles for her pet dog named Rocky after taking the dog for sterilization.

The doctor performed a procedure to implant Kim’s dog with a prosthetic, called Neuticles. Kim’s purpose in doing this is to make “her pet dog feel more confident” after losing her private parts.

Kim Kardashian spent more than 300 million to buy fake private parts for her sterilized dog - Photo 1.

Kim Kardashian with her dog Rocky.

Creator of the Neuticles procedure – Gregg Miller said his customers are dog and cat owners who want to improve their pets’ confidence. Since the method was created in 1995, there have been nearly 500,000 transplants in animals ranging from elephants and monkeys to dogs and cats.

“Many people are willing to turn their pets into ‘eunuchs’ because they don’t care about that. But there are some people who do care, and thanks to that Neuticles was created,” said Gregg.

In 2012, The Independent reported that Kim did not like her dog’s testicles to be too large. Therefore, she wanted to choose testicles smaller than the original size for her dog.

Kim Kardashian spent more than 300 million to buy fake private parts for her sterilized dog - Photo 2.

Kim bought the dog Rocky with her ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush in 2010, and once revealed that the dog is very similar to her in personality: “Rocky is most like me. He is very calm and always adapts to the situation.” .

When Kim broke up with Reggie, she gained custody of the dog Rocky, but recently paparazzi have not caught pictures of the dog.

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