Kim Kardashian’s Eldest Daughter, North West, 10, Would Much Rather Stay At Her Dad’s Humble Condo Than The Skims Founder’s Plush $60 Million Mansion

Kim Kardashian’s eldest daughter, 10-year-old North West, would rather live with her father in a modest apartment than the Skims founder’s $60 million mansion.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West always attract public attention with their lavish and luxurious lives. However, what is surprising is that their eldest daughter, 10-year-old North West, chose to stay with her father in a modest apartment instead of enjoying a luxurious life at her mother’s $60 million mansion.


For a long time, Kim Kardashian has been famous for her extravagance and class. The star invested millions of dollars into decorating and upgrading her apartment in Calabasas, California, creating a luxurious and stylish space. However, her eldest daughter, North West, has shown a preference for more modesty and simplicity.

North West has been regularly staying with his father, Kanye West, in a more modest apartment in the city. This apartment is known for its minimalism, with no staff or security guards. This creates a stark contrast compared to life at Kim Kardashian’s mansion, which is full of high-end services and amenities.

North West’s choice has made many people curious about the reason. According to a source close to her, North prefers the simplicity and freedom of her father’s apartment, where she can experience life more intimately and without constant surveillance. This shows her independent and individualized spirit.

Perhaps North West’s preference for living with his father is a lesson in the value of life and simplicity in a famous and wealthy family. This choice of hers has attracted attention and inspired many people to enjoy life in their own way, regardless of circumstances and money.

Although the Kardashian-West family’s life always attracts attention, North West’s decision clearly demonstrates her independent spirit and personal priorities in choosing her life. The fact that at the age of 10 knows how to appreciate the value of simplicity and freedom is certainly admirable.

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