Lady Gaga’s tearful confession: I regret selling my soul to the dark forces of Illuminati (Satanism)

At the end of 2017, pop star Lady Gaga opened up for the first time about being a member of the Illuminati secret society and said she regretted joining this secret organization.

Lady Gaga: I regret selling my soul to the dark forces Illuminati - photo 1L

ady Gaga had to postpone her Joanne tour in Europe due to severe pain. (Photo: Notey)  

Lady Gaga has long suffered from Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS). She believes that her long-term illness is the result of allowing “dark forces” to enter her body when she sold her soul to the Illuminati – a secret organization that worships Satan – early in her career. Gaga shared candidly in the documentary “Gaga: Five Foot Two” a portrait of a troubled star.

The film’s production staff revealed that Gaga recalled meeting with a Catholic priest, to discuss eliminating the “dark forces” she had invited into her body during Satanic rituals when she first started. early singing career. She recounted how she first joined the Illuminati by “offering her soul.” That engagement took place at a club in New York’s Lower East Side in 2006 after she finished performing.

“I just got off the stage, it was a nice show, I received a lot of applause and love from the audience. I was outside lighting a cigarette and thinking about doing some more cocaine. I’m wanting more. About everything… Then, a rather young grandfather in a western suit appeared. He leaned against the wall, smoked a cigarette and said to me: ‘I think you have everything you need. Do you want that?’ I asked what ‘that’ was. He smiled and said: ‘Everything. Success. Reputation. Rich. Power. Do you want it all?’”

”I looked at him curiously. I don’t understand him. Then he just stood there and sang one of the songs I used to sing before. I stared at him as if he were a black pearl fished from the deepest ocean. I knelt down and asked him whom I should praise. I looked him straight in the eye and said I wanted it all. I told him I would do anything.”

Lady Gaga: I regret selling my soul to the dark forces Illuminati - photo 2

Gaga believes that her chronic fibromyalgia is the result of selling her soul to the Illuminati. (Photo: Pinterest)

Before meeting that man, Gaga had little success in business or received public recognition, she mainly performed in bars, in late night clubs,…

Then, Gaga was able to compose music and achieve everything she ever dreamed of, but she had to trade one thing, which was her own soul. In addition to what happened at Mercury Lounge in New York City that night, Gaga signed a deal with the other man and immediately realized that “success is certain.”

At the cost of her soul, Gaga was able to create music that made her famous to famous collaborators, producers and promoters in the music industry.

Within a year, she became one of the best-selling artists in the world. “His promise came true very quickly. At first, I thought we had a good team. But that didn’t last long before I started to fall into misery.” Gaga has been struggling with conflicts and contradictions taking place in her body for many years. On the one hand, they have to perform, and on the other hand, they have to struggle with “dark forces”.

Lady Gaga: I regret selling my soul to the dark forces of the Illuminati - photo 3

Lady Gaga has suffered from an illness that has left her with pain all over her body for a long time. (Photo:

Gaga has suffered from fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition, for many years. She is a typical example of the fight to escape the industry controlled by the Illuminati and break deals with “dark forces”. “ They can give you special abilities, outer beauty, talent and wealth for a while… but it doesn’t last long. This is why so many people who venture into the dark arts are so unhappy. They flash like a morning star and then go out because they commit suicide or destroy themselves with banned substances.”

In September 2017, Lady Gaga had to postpone her Joanne tour in Europe because of severe pain that affected her ability to perform. In a post from her official Instagram page, which features a photo of her holding a cross and praying, she said that she has always been “honest” about her health and mental condition, and that she has searched for years to get to the root cause of the problem.

“When I get stronger and feel ready, I will tell my story in more detail and plan to do so in a powerful way, to not only help raise awareness but also expand understanding for those who are suffering like me, so I can contribute to making something different ,” Gaga wrote.

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