LeBron James Responds to Darko Rajakovic’s Wild Rant

Raptors coach Darko Rajakovic absolutely blew up about the foul calls during their one-point loss to the Lakers and LeBron James has responded to the coach’s wild rant.

James had a simple reply when he was asked about Rajakovic’s complaint after LA’s 132-131 victory.

“I felt like they fouled and we didn’t,” James told reporters after the game.

The Raptors head coach took aim at the officials during his postgame interview, mainly about the fact that the Lakers were awarded 23 free throws in the final quarter compared to the Raptors’ two.

LeBron Darko

“It’s outrageous,” Rajakovic said angrily in a wild rant. “What happened tonight, this is completely B.S. This is shame. Shame for the referees. Shame for the league to allow this. Twenty-three free throws for them, and we get two free throws in the fourth quarter? Like, how to play the game? I understand respect for All-Stars and all that, but we have star players on our team as well.

“How [is it] possible that Scottie Barnes, who is All-Star-caliber player in this league, he goes every single time to the rim with force and trying to get to the rim without flopping and not trying to get foul calls, he gets two free throws for a whole game? How is that possible? How are you going to explain that to me?”

With the 23 free throws the purple and gold got in the fourth, they were able to score 44 points.

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To Toronto’s credit, they did manage to score 42 points in the fourth without the help of free throws.

The discrepancy could be felt throughout the entire game, since the Lakers had 36 trips to foul line and made 28, while the Raptors visited the line 13 times and made eight shots.