Madonna Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ Now—A Plastic Surgeon Weighs In: ‘At Least 12 Cosmetic Procedures’

Madonna Looks ‘Unrecognizable’ Now—A Plastic Surgeon Weighs In: ‘At Least 12 Cosmetic Procedures’

Following concerns raised by fans about Madonna‘s health, a New York-based plastic surgeon recently analyzed the “Material Girl” singer’s past cosmetic procedures in an interview with The Daily Mail. The Grammy winner’s recent Instagram photos have led to concerns about her appearance, with some fans saying that she looks “completely different” and “unrecognizable” from her previous self in 2023.

Although rumors about plastic surgery have surrounded Madonna, 65, for years, she only recently admitted to undergoing such procedures. However, she has not shared any details about the type of procedures she has undergone or how frequently she has done so.

Upon reviewing before and after images of the Queen of Pop, board-certified surgeon Dr. Barry Weintraub detected evidence of at least “twelve cosmetic facial procedures” that he estimates to have incurred costs in the multiple “six-figure” range.


Which Plastic Surgery Procedures Did Madonna Undergo? A Surgeon Shares His Thoughts

One of the most striking changes that Weintraub observed was to Madonna’s cheeks, which now appear “inflated” and “much fuller.” This change is likely a result of the multiple dermal filler injections she has received, where gel-like substances are injected under the skin.

Furthermore, Dr Weintraub noted that Madonna no longer displays her characteristic dimples, which can also be attributed to the use of fillers. Dr. Weintraub pointed out that the “La Isla Bonita” hitmaker had likely undergone a brow lift in recent years, as evidenced by her “unusually high” forehead and above-average eyebrows.

Typically, brow lifts are achieved by making an incision along the scalp’s upper edge and subsequently pulling back the skin to eliminate any sagging or wrinkles.

“You see a flatter straighter line, which indicates there may be an incision in front of the hairline [to pull up the skin],” he explained. He added: “Her eyebrows are [also] higher than the position of her brows in 1986, meaning the distance between her eyelashes and her eyebrows is much higher than ours. You see a lot more volume in the upper third of her face.”

According to the doctor, her eyelids had also undergone a procedure to give them a youthful appearance and eradicate any creases or lines. “When you go into your 60s, there are often puffs of fat in the lower eyelids and some excess skin in the upper eyelids,” he noted.

“In these pictures, however, you see none of each,” he continued. “Her lower eyelids are totally smooth, which means skin has probably been removed. The fat pads have also been removed, so what you’re seeing is this smoothness and tightness all around and that is from surgical lifting volumization.”

It is highly probable that Madonna has gotten botox injections around her forehead and eyes, the doctor believed, because there were no wrinkles present when she moved her face in recent Instagram videos. Furthermore, he observed that the style icon’s distinct mole above her lip appeared less prominent in recent photos, which could be attributed to lighting or the result of facial enhancements.

Additionally, Dr. Weintraub suspects that Madonna has also undergone a rhinoplasty procedure. He also commented on the mom of six’s facial features being noticeably fuller and attributed it to her alleged, repeated use of “fillers and fat injections.”

He continued: “Her cheekbones are much, much fuller, and that is secondary to either fat or filler injections. We see this all too often in our field, but unfortunately people tend to fill their faces to try to plump out wrinkles.”

The surgeon added: “She also has… two little dimples on each side [in the original picture], which you don’t see now because they are filled with fat.”

The superstar’s appearance at the Grammy Awards earlier this year drew a lot of concern and criticism due to the extent of change in her features, rendering her “unrecognizable.” According to reports, Madonna was “affected” by these comments.

Initially, she blamed “ageism” and “misogyny” for the negative attention, but also eventually admitted to having undergone plastic surgery. She wrote on Instagram at the time: “Look how cute I am now that swelling from surgery has gone down. Lol.”

After a delay due to a life-threatening bacterial infection, Madonna is now preparing for her highly anticipated Celebration World Tour, set to commence this week at London’s O2 Arena before embarking on a journey across Europe and the United States.

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