Madonna owns £10m home with 10 bedrooms in a beautiful British area

Madonna owns £10m home with 10 bedrooms in a beautiful British area

Madonna Marylebone

Madonna owned a pricey property in London

Madonna is the owner of a huge property in a private part of the UK’s capital

Madonna was born in Michigan in the United States, but spends a lot of time in her UK home based in London.

Before that, she lived in a leafy part of the country in Wiltshire.


The 65-year-old owned the Ashcombe Estate near Salisbury.

The Georgian manor house and estate was bought by Madonna and her then-husband Guy Ritchie in 2001.

London skyline

Madonna has lived a property in London


At the time, it went for a staggering £9million and it is located in a city steeped in history.

Salisbury is a medieval city based less than 10 miles from the iconic Stonehenge.

Describing Salisbury, Visit Wiltshire states: “A Cathedral city of ageless beauty and captivating history, Salisbury has been welcoming travellers since 1227.

“Gathered around the Cathedral is a modern medieval city, full of buildings crafted with the care of another age.

“Here history is brought to life by modern and original events, culture and activities.”

This is not the only home Madonna has owned in the UK.

The global singer has shared snaps inside another multi-million pound property.

The home can be found in Marylebone, which is a trendy but residential area in the UK.

The property is thought to be worth an impressive £10million and is also from the Georgian era.

The 10 bedrooms are spread over a huge six-storeys and also has a bungalow on site for staff.

Madonna splits her time between London and her other lavish properties in Portugal and the US.

She previously lived near Stonehenge


The UK is a popular option for huge singers and actors to have their home.


He is thought to have set up camp in Pimlico, Central London.

This is an area that features lots of Grade II listed properties.


This is a relatively leafy and residential part of London and is an escape from the chaos of the city.

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