Michael Jackson once turned pale when Madonna seduced him with a kiss

Recently, female singer Madonna suddenly revealed that she had seduced the “king of pop” and also kissed when the two were close to each other.

Madonna is talented and her love life is also very liberal. However, in their relationship with Michael Jackson, people have always thought it was a colleague relationship because neither of them had the other’s name in their “love history” list.

“I once seduced him with a kiss. It was very surprising and he was very shy because MJ was still shy at that time, but soon Michael was “complicit”. Those were extremely romantic kisses. That happened when they both attended the Oscars in 1991,” the 58-year-old singer said.

Michael Jackson and Madonna attended the 1991 Academy Awards together

However, according to Madonna, the two’s feelings only went that far and it was Michael Jackson who proactively stopped this relationship from being just friends and colleagues.

Even though she is in her 60s, Madonna said she still has a lot of energy and always considers herself a young woman. This is not only shown in music but also on stage and in real life. Madoona often dresses like a young woman in her twenties.

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