Miley Cyrus heavily criticized Taylor Swift’s v.i.olent “Bad Blood” MV.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer frankly shared, “I cannot accept such violent revenge. Do people think that’s a good role model? And am I a bad person for wandering around showing off my breasts? I don’t think showing off your breasts is worse than guns.”

Appearing on the cover of Marie Claire magazine for the September issue, Miley had many sincere shares about her personal life and sexuality. This year’s MTV Video Music Awards host also surprised many people when she frankly shared her thoughts about the “Bad Blood” MV  that is making waves by her “formerly close friend” Taylor Swift.

Miley said Taylor’s “Bad Blood” MV is “violent”, and I don’t understand why people encourage it?

Looks like Katy Perry has an ally in her ongoing tension with Taylor. Accordingly, Miley said: “I cannot accept such violent revenge. Do people think that’s a good role model? And am I a bad person because I flaunt my breasts? I don’t think showing my breasts is worse than guns and bullets.

Miley and Taylor used to be close friends

Previously, many reports confirmed that the friendship between Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus had been broken for a long time. This is the first time the 23-year-old female singer has implicitly confirmed this rumor when publicly criticizing her former friend’s passionate product in the newspaper.

Looks like Katy Perry has an ally in her ongoing tension with Taylor

This is not the only controversy surrounding Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” MV that brings together a huge star cast. Immediately after the VMA nominations were announced in July, Swift had a disagreement with Nicki Minaj on Twitter about the nominations for best video in the year category, when “Bad Blood” was nominated but did not have a name . Anaconda” by Minaj. Playing the role of the third person, the ” hinted character” in “Bad Blood” – Katy Perry “added fuel to the fire” when hinting at Taylor Swift’s conflict through this MV: “How ironic that one person condemning the quarrel between sisters and mercilessly emphasizing the trampling of a woman…” After two tense days, Taylor Swift apologized to Minaj, publicly ending the noise and friction between the two stars. big star.

Currently, Taylor Swift has not had any official response to Miley Cyrus’s comments. However, in response to this one-sided comment, Taylor’s representative said that her juniors are just jealous of her success. “Miley always says things like that about other artists. She will do everything to get attention, sometimes a bit too much. Perhaps Miley is not happy that Bad Blood is getting attention from the media and is jealous . Miley also knows that Taylor is currently sought after by the media and does not miss the opportunity to spread the word ,” close friends with Taylor shared. 

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