Miranda Kerr: “I was severely depressed after breaking up with Orlando Bloom”

Miranda Kerr just opened up about her broken marriage with Orlando Bloom in a magazine.

After 6 years of passion, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom announced their separation in 2013 to the regret of many fans.

In a new interview with ELLE Canada magazine, the former Victoria’s Secret angel openly shared about the sad days after that breakup.

The beauty shared: “After Orlando and I separated, I fell into a really bad depression. Because I am naturally a happy person, I have never understood emotions.” that grief and the reality of it happening.

Every thought you have affects your real life and only you can control your thoughts.”

Miranda Kerr: I was severely depressed after breaking up with Orlando Bloom - Photo 1.

Miranda Kerr: I was severely depressed after breaking up with Orlando Bloom - Photo 2.

The supermodel also shared about her own flexible and flexible life philosophy: “My life philosophy is that we should be like willows.

People think that when there is a storm, the oak tree is the most stable and strong tree, but in fact the willow tree can endure the best because it is very soft and depends on the wind.”

Miranda Kerr: I was severely depressed after breaking up with Orlando Bloom - Photo 3.

Miranda and Orlando have a 5-year-old son together – Flynn. Currently, Miranda has a new love affair with billionaire Evan Spiegel. And Orlando is dating singer Katy Perry.

After breaking up, the Bloom-Kerr couple still maintained a harmonious relationship. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor said: “We love each other. We are a family. We will always be present in each other’s lives until the end of our lives.”

Miranda also expressed, “We still talk every day. We will always be a family and love each other.”

Miranda Kerr: I was severely depressed after breaking up with Orlando Bloom - Photo 4.

Miranda Kerr is currently engaged to young billionaire Evan Spiegel (right) after breaking up with Orlando Bloom

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