Missy Elliott, Cardi B and their coalition had a “b.l.o.o.d.y” revenge on the VMAs stage, it was also right that Nicki Minaj did not attend the European competition.

With a large group of enemy factions present at VMAs 2019, Nicki Minaj seems to have no reason to attend VMAs 2019 this year.

VMAs 2019 – an award that is already familiar to us with phrases associated with it such as “tricks”, “slander”, “scandal”,… There were five people who heard about Britney Spears locking lips with senior Madonna, there was also the year Kanye West snatched Taylor Swift ‘s microphone while she was midway through her award acceptance speech, many more and more surprises like that.

However, after many recent seasons, the VMAs suddenly dropped in quality. This year, it seems that the award’s production director has tapped into the psychology of the current majority of audiences to “pull” more show ratings. submit it? These are feuds revolving around the struggle for the throne of rap queen. The opportunity is truly a boon for the parent channel MTV in general and for the VMAs in particular. A giant of the rap industry, Missy Elliott , was chosen to receive this year’s Vanguard contribution award. Tons of gossip has poured in. covering the entire rap world today.

Missy Elliott, Cardi B and their coalition had a bloody revenge on the 2019 VMAs stage, it was also right for Nicki Minaj not to attend the European competition - Photo 1.

It seems Missy Elliott plays a key role in these scary plots…

Right from the beginning of the show, the host of the awards ceremony, comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, spoke frankly about the truth, that this is a rare year that the VMAs no longer revolve around Pop stars. This is a special year for the VMAs because this is the year the VMAs return to the old school days, looking around the stands are familiar faces of the rap industry from the first days until now. They are a group of old school rappers belonging to the 00s and 90s generations, even the first generation of the 80s also had typical representatives appear. They look at each other and smile, they welcome each other with enthusiastic hugs, they can be rappers who have retired for a long time and have suddenly reappeared or they can also be hiphop artists who have paused their careers for a long time. a long period of time to search for new inspiration.

They all gathered today as if they were raising a glass to celebrate the honor of big sister Missy Elliott – who pioneered a generation of female rappers. Everyone was happy, but the most important person in the female rap scene today – reigning rap queen Nicki Minaj and her friends – disappeared without a trace. For the first time we can clearly see that, both sides of the female rap industry’s front lines have been fully deployed on the chessboard.

Missy Elliott, Cardi B and their coalition had a bloody revenge on the 2019 VMAs stage, it was also right for Nicki Minaj not to attend the European competition - Photo 2.

Chess board with 2 powerful female generals

First, looking back, we will see a whole group of Missy Elliott’s rapper friends arriving in large numbers, even booking performances with the station. Missy Elliott, with her power in the rap industry, she has caused a large number of female rappers from the first generation to present to gather together to march majestically on this major award stage. Truly an unflattering performance from Missy!

From Queen Latifah, Salt-N-Pepa, Lil’Kim, Cardi B , Lizzo all appeared, they appeared in different capacities, be it announcing awards, introducing the next performance or Maybe even have a private performance. The common point is that they showed solidarity with each other not through words but through their closeness like family. And where is Nicki Minaj? She and the people who are known to be close friends with her like Lil Wayne and Drake did not appear at this year’s awards season. I don’t know if there is any other reason besides being busy, why it is such a strange coincidence.

The VMAs are inherently very strict with the list of performing artists. But now with a group of rappers who are no longer at the top performing together, they are allowing, even giving, many solo performances. Is it out of respect for someone who is the focus today?

The climax of this incident, what made us realize the deep conspiracy going on behind this Vanguard awards show, was the moment after Missy Elliott finished performing her explosive hit compilation performance that burned the stage. , the 3D screen immediately lowered and a large number of artists from other music industries appeared in a pre-recorded video to pay tribute to Missy’s devoted dedication. Including the familiar face of Nicki Minaj’s once great enemy – Lil’Kim with a bright smile on her lips.

That coincidence wasn’t necessarily a big deal when right after that, the 3D screen disappeared and Cardi B appeared on stage with the prestigious Vanguard gold trophy, with a hoarse crowd screaming her name like a standing superstar. at the top. That seems like one of the moments that surely many people will feel sad thinking about Nicki Minaj at this time, when her career is slowing down a bit compared to the time when she was alone and struggling in the market. music.

Watch Missy Elliott’s classy performance at this morning’s VMAs.

Missy Elliott, Cardi B and their coalition had a bloody revenge on the 2019 VMAs stage, it was also right for Nicki Minaj not to attend the European competition - Photo 5.

Cardi B was the one chosen to pay tribute and give the award to Missy Elliott, continuing a mild jab at Nicki…

For those who can’t keep up with the news quickly, Cardi B is Lil’Kim’s successor, continuing to spark a feud with Nicki Minaj. Cardi B is also a student that Lil’Kim and Missy Elliott co-taught for her since her time in the underground scene. Today that student has completed his “revenge” mission, humiliating Nicki Minaj with dozens of scandals that have been poured out since 2018 and is standing on stage to pay tribute to his teacher and influencer. her career. Nicki Minaj’s trio of enemies appearing consecutively on stage? You can think what you want, but there is definitely a connection.

What a coincidence, this year is also the 10th year of this feud going sideways and downhill…

Missy Elliott, Cardi B and their coalition had a bloody revenge on the 2019 VMAs stage, it was also right for Nicki Minaj not to attend the European competition - Photo 7.

Nicki Minaj – talented but also strangely stuck by gossip

There you have it, a VMAs familiar with its controversies. There are still whispers, hot behind-the-scenes stories, rumors about gossip on stage. When will the messy feud between Nicki Minaj and Lil’Kim, Cardi B, and Missy Elliott really end, we can only guess and hope.

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