Nicki Minaj curse: Who are the rapper queen’s enemies…hard to live with?

After the Cardi B incident, many viewers joked that if Nicki Minaj hates someone, that person always has bad luck. Thinking back, this is also understandable for the ‘enemies’ of this personality rapper.

Lil’ Kim

Kim had a “history” of teasing a series of female rappers like Eve, Foxy Brown, Remy Ma…, but when it came to Nicki Minaj, things were no longer simple. “Pink Friday”, Minaj’s debut album achieved great success; but in an online song called “Black Friday,” Kim mocked Nicki as “a Lil’ Kim wannabe” and “trying to copy her style.”

Lil' Kim

In response, Minaj also released another song, titled “Stupid Hoe”, which pointed out that her recordings all reached “platinum” while Kim was always just a “boring” and “” cheeky”.

As a result, Lil’ Kim had to go to jail for covering up criminals. From being one of the richest female artists in the entertainment industry, Lil’ Kim recently officially filed for bankruptcy. According to New York Daily News, the Ladies Night singer owes more than $4 million including mortgage and unsecured debts.

Remy Ma

Their feud started in 2007 when Nicki Minaj released a song that “dissed” Remy Ma. That caused a rift in their relationship.

Remy Ma

In 2008, Remy Ma was sent to prison for 6 years, and when she got out, she continued to write songs that implied Nicki Minaj was fake. In response, Nicki released “No Frauds” asserting herself as the greatest.

Mariah Carey

Rumors of Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey having a disagreement have emerged since information emerged that the rapper would participate in the talent show “American Idol”, but there is no clear evidence of this incident. But, recent information has verified that relationship is not good. A video of Nicki Minaj angry at Mariah Carey was released by TMZ. Since then, the two have always had a dissatisfied attitude, and this incident quickly became a highlight in the music industry’s feud.

Mariah Carey

However, in recent years, Mariah Carey has also continuously encountered difficulties. In 2015, Mariah Carey met casino billionaire James Packer in Las Vegas. After dating, this billionaire proposed to her in January 2016 with a diamond ring worth nearly 10 million USD. The couple planned to have a wedding in the Bahamas in early 2017. However, they had a heated argument in September 2016 during a vacation in Greece. In October of the same year, James Packer announced the cancellation of the engagement. Besides, the lip syncing cases caused her to seriously lose points.

Cardi B

Previously, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj’s relationship was not very passionate. And the peak happened this September.

Cardi B

On September 8, two female rappers suddenly got into a fight right in the middle of a fashion event taking place in New York, surprising many people. Cardi B was even injured right on her forehead. The two had a heated argument on social networks. Many netizens participated in criticizing Cardi B’s actions but did not think that she had just given birth not long ago, so the symptoms of depression and mental instability after giving birth were completely difficult to avoid.

Recently, Cardi B was arrested during a fight in a bar. This scandal caused her many difficulties when Cardi B’s career was still not really solid.