Nicki Minaj has a “big fight” with her ex-lover online: You touch her husband, she “exposes” it for you to see?

Nicki Minaj has a “big fight” with her ex-lover online: You touch her husband, she “exposes” it for you to see?

The back-and-forth between Nicki Minaj and her ex-lover Meek Mill is making netizens stunned when the cause stems from a… meme.

Famous as one of the strong female artists who doesn’t mind anyone touching her, Nicki Minaj recently once again became the focus of a back-and-forth drama on Twitter. This time, the unlucky person who was “dissed” by her was not a stranger but rapper Meek Mill – Nicki’s ex-lover.

It all started when on a beautiful day online, Nicki Minaj discovered Meek Mill pressed the “like” button on a post mocking Kenneth Petty – Nicki’s current husband.

Immediately after that, the female rapper posted a sarcastic story on Meek Mill on her personal page, “You’re such a clown. You only do that to attract attention (get likes).” Singer Anaconda also mocked Meek Mill as a man who only knows how to “beat women but is afraid of men.”

Not stopping there, Nicki Minaj continued to take to Twitter to expose the truth about Meek Mill. She said her ex-lover beat and tied up his sister, Meek Mill even spit in her face. Meek Mill then rushed Nicki Minaj out of the house, right in front of his mother, and took her to the hospital.

Nicki Minaj bluntly said that she attacked Meek Mill because he touched “my man” – her man. Nicki Minaj also blocked Meek Mill and reminded him that he should continue on his path and stop doing things related to her that would make his fans feel embarrassed.

Faced with his ex-lover’s provocation, Meek Mill also quickly responded on his personal page.

“Let me make it clear again, I have never hit a woman. And I will not let any of my interviews have questions related to her when I release a new album.” – Meek Mill was annoyed.

Meek Mill also said that the surrounding colleagues all know that Nicki Minaj is a terrible person. He turned to attack Nicki by recalling the story of her brother Jelani Maraj being sent to prison for raping a minor – his ex-wife’s stepdaughter. “I stayed away from you because you obviously knew that he raped that child.”

In response to Nicki Minaj’s series of tweets, Meek Mill was not gentle. He continued, “The only way you’re trying to ruin my career is by making up lies that I beat women? Why don’t you talk about how your brother was convicted of rape and everyone is complaining?” know that you spent money on a lawyer to defend him? Even your younger brother once touched her! You know that and I know it too. You want me to get into trouble like my friend. your boy? Not at all!”

It is known that Nicki Minaj’s current husband – Kenneth Petty served nearly 4 years in prison for intentionally raping a girl. Not only that, he also spent another 7 years in prison for manslaughter and was released from prison in 2013.

In response to Meek Mill sidetracking her brother and husband, Nicki Minaj responded, “Oh imagine, people have to talk about a child rape allegation just to hurt bystanders and makes everyone hate me.” – Nicki mocked Meek Mill.

It is known that  Nicki Minaj  and Meek Mill dated each other for 2 years before breaking up in 2016. In 2018, Nicki Minaj dated Kenneth Petty and a year later, in October 2019, Nicki Minaj posted Signed to marry this guy.

Despite receiving many blessings from colleagues and people around, many fans are still worried that Kenneth Petty’s bad past will affect Nicki Minaj’s career. Kenneth Petty is 5 years younger than Nicki and has been imprisoned twice for manslaughter and rape.

During their time together, Nicki Minaj also confused the public when she was caught up in pregnancy rumors, but she quickly denied the information. Before finding a destination with Kenneth Petty, in addition to Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj also dated rapper Safaree Samuels, racer Lewis Hamilton…