Nicki Minaj sued for supporting her husband who was a convicted rapist,the rapper even tried to bribe $500.000 to save him

After many efforts to save her imprisoned husband, Nicki Minaj was sued by the victim for a series of harassment and pressure actions.

According to  TMZ , female rapper Nicki Minaj’s husband, Kenneth Petty, was convicted of first-degree rape after he raped a woman named Jennifer Hough in 1995.

Kenneth received a 4-year prison sentence and was released from prison in 2000. The court forced him to sign a report certifying that he was a sex offender, but Nicki Minaj’s husband refused. This caused him to continue to be arrested in 2020.

This time, it was Nicki Minaj’s turn to be sued for harassing, threatening, and pressuring the victim to change her testimony. Jennifer Hough claimed in the lawsuit that she would be paid $20,000 (456 million VND) and would only need to sign a prepared agreement, with the reward being that Minaj would send a birthday video to her daughter. Miss.

In addition to suing Kenneth over the 1995 verdict, the victim continued to file a lawsuit against both Nicki Minaj and her husband for intentional infliction of mental suffering, harassment, and intimidation of witnesses.

Nicki Minaj sued, tried to bribe 11 billion to save her husband from prison for rape-1
Nicki Minaj became the center of controversy on social networks for using power and money to force the victim to change her testimony.

The victim said she had to move house because her whole family was harassed and threatened. Nicki Minaj even sent a lawyer to Jennifer Hough’s house to negotiate and clear her husband’s crimes. Jennifer said the female rapper contacted her brother and offered to pay 500 thousand dollars (11.4 billion VND) to try to silence the victim.

Nicki Minaj was sued, tried to bribe 11 billion to save her husband from prison for rape-2
In January 2021, Jennfier Hough recorded a video crying and begging Nicki Minaj to stop: “Tell your people to leave me and my family alone.”

Currently, Jennifer Hough has been out of work for more than a year, suffering from severe depression and living in anxiety because she is afraid of being threatened. However, this woman still affirmed that she would never hide or change her testimony about Kenneth Petty’s crime: ” If I admit now that I lied, my two daughters and my son will How will I feel? “.

Nicki Minaj sued, tried to bribe 11 billion to save her husband from prison for rape - 3
Nicki Minaj caused outrage because of her attempt to bribe the victim so that her imprisoned husband could be exonerated

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