No Disney watches for us please – From Cristiano Ronaldo’s son to Kylie Jenner’s daughter, you won’t believe the ridiculously expensive watches these celebrity kids wear. Nicki Minaj’s 3 month old son wears a $450,000 Patek Philippe.

 Most children of famous stars have been given expensive, luxury brand items by their parents since they were born.

Children of stars often enjoy lavish lifestyles. Not only designer bags, these children also received luxury watches and diamond-encrusted watches from their parents.

Rapper Cardi B once said: “If I wear designer clothes, so will my children.”

In fact, when Cardi B wears an Audemars Piguet, her daughter is no less likely to wear a Richard Mille watch.

Stormi Webster – daughter of Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner once shared with fans about the gold Rolex watch of her 5-year-old daughter, Stormi Webster.

Ronaldo's son, Nicki Minaj, has been wearing a diamond watch worth billions - 1 since he was young
Kylie Jenner’s 5-year-old daughter Stormi owns a Rolex Day-Date (Photo: SCMP, Rolex).

Kylie Jenner said: “Actually this is my watch, but she wore it. Stormi wore this watch model to her friend’s birthday party.”

According to Page Six , this is a Rolex Day-Date 40 with champagne dial, gold case and President bracelet, worth 41,500 USD (981 million VND).

Asahd – son of DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled chose a Rolex watch for his son when he was just 2 years old.

In 2018, he proudly said: “Everything is for my son. That is the motivation for me to work hard.”

Ronaldo's son, Nicki Minaj, has been wearing a watch studded with billions of diamonds since childhood
Asahd – son of DJ Khaled – received a Rolex Datejust watch as a gift from his father when he was 2 years old (Photo: @asahdkhaled)

According to IFL Watches , the watch model Asahd wore was the Lady-Datejust in 18k rose gold, with a mother-of-pearl dial and President bracelet.

This watch features diamonds on the hour markers, customized to fit Asahd’s wrist. It costs 34,000 USD (more than 803 million VND).

Romeo James – son of David Beckham

The second son of former soccer star David Beckham and his wife Victoria was spotted wearing a Jacob & Co. watch. colors at sporting events when he was just in his teens.

Ronaldo's son, Nicki Minaj, has worn a watch with diamonds worth billions - 3 since he was young

Romeo James Beckham wears a Jacob & Co. watch. worth 354 million VND (Photo: @watchoppia).

According to Jacob & Co., the watch is a 5-time zone version, made of stainless steel, featuring a diamond-cut bezel and sapphire strap.

On the mother-of-pearl dial, it has 5 time zones in different colors, including New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris and the current time. Superwatchman estimates that the value of this watch model is nearly 15,000 USD (354 million VND).

Cristiano Jr. – son of Cristiano Ronaldo

The eldest son of soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo wore a flashy diamond-studded Rolex GMT Master II Ice when he was 10 years old.

Ronaldo's son, Nicki Minaj, has worn a watch with diamonds worth billions - 4 since childhood
Soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his son Cristiano Jr. at a soccer tournament in 2020 (Photo: ANI News).

40mm 18k white gold watch with 79 diamonds, weighing nearly 30 carats, embedded in the case, bezel and strap. It has a power reserve of 50 hours and is water resistant up to 100m.

According to auction house Phillips, this watch model costs 500,000 USD (more than 11.8 billion VND).

Kulture – daughter of Cardi B

In 2021, Cardi B and her husband celebrated their daughter Kulture’s 3rd birthday with a pink princess-themed party. Offset’s father’s gift to his daughter was a pink Richard Mille watch.

Ronaldo's son, Nicki Minaj, has been wearing a diamond watch worth billions - 5 since he was young
Kulture (Cardi B’s daughter) is often given designer clothes by her mother (Photo: @iamcardib).

The tonneau-shaped watch model with curved bezel and diamond-encrusted back, costs about 250,000 USD (5.9 billion VND).

On his previous birthday, Kulture also received another expensive gift from his father. That is an Hermès Birkin bag worth more than 8,000 USD (189 million VND).

Papa Bear – son of Nicki Minaj

The kid who wears the most extravagant watch is Nicki Minaj’s son, known by the nickname “Papa Bear”.

Ronaldo's son, Nicki Minaj, has worn a watch with diamonds worth billions - 6 since childhood
Rapper Nicki Minaj’s son Papa Bear wears a Patek Philippe Nautilus (Photo: @nickiminaj).

In 2021, the famous female rapper shared a photo of her 3-month-old baby.

Accordingly, the baby wore a jumpsuit from Fendi worth 600 USD (nearly 15 million VND), a diamond necklace with the words “Papa Bear” and a Patek Philippe Nautilus watch.

The 5719/10G model has the rounded octagonal shape of the elegantly sporty Nautilus launched in 1976. This sparkling 18k white gold watch is completely set with 1,343 diamonds, priced at no less than $450,000 USD (10 .6 billion VND).

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