Orlando Bloom opens up about his painful divorce from Miranda Kerr — after apologising to sacked waitress who was found naked in his bed

Pirates Of The Caribbean actor who had one-night stand with Romanian waitress this month says a ‘period of instability’ with his ex-wife prevented him taking more roles

ORLANDO Bloom has opened up on his painful divorce from supermodel Miranda Kerr, and how working out their relationship put his professional life on hold for several years.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean star — who recently apologised to a Romanian waitress who got sacked for spending the night with him — split from Victoria’s Secret model Miranda in 2013, before her rumoured fling with Justin Bieber.

 Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom split four years ago

Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom split four years ago
Bloom himself has since been spotted paddle-boarding while naked with Katy Perry, and snapped kissing Bieber’s ex Selena Gomez, but has not appeared in many movies lately, compared to his Lord Of The Rings heyday.

But he says that now he and Aussie Miranda, 34, have finally agreed how to organise their life around six-year-old son Flynn, he has “more freedom to explore” roles.

The 40-year-old told The Mirror: “There was a period of instability when his mum and I were separating and we both made conscious choices that we would be around as much as possible to help that whole transitional period.

 Orlando says he's got his life in a more comfortable place now

Orlando says he’s got his life in a more comfortable place nowCredit: Rex Features
“And now things have settled nicely, everybody is in a good place.

“There’s a rock-solid security there and therefore more freedom to explore professionally that I have in the past few years.”

The confession comes after waitress Viviana Ross, 21, boasted of her night of “incredible sex” with the actor after she served him at London’s Chiltern Firehouse this month.

 Viviana Ross slept with Orlando after serving him at a bar

Viviana Ross slept with Orlando after serving him at a barCredit: Instagram/iamvivianaross

Helen Flanagan’s mystery man revealed as bar boss after they’re spotted together

Viviana was sacked by her bosses for “fraternising with clients”, and later got an apology phone call from Orlando for getting her in trouble.

And Orlando’s real-life womanising may be training for his next role, if the reports about him being linked to James Bond have any weight to them.

 The role of James Bond could be given to Orlando next, according to reports

The role of James Bond could be given to Orlando next, according to reportsCredit: AP:Associated Press
The British heartthrob, who landed his first major role as Legolas in LOTR straight after he finished drama school, says he’d love to play 007.

“I’m game, I’m on it. Tell me who to talk to,” he said.

 Orlando with his most recent girlfriend Katy Perry

Orlando with his most recent girlfriend Katy PerryCredit: Getty Images – WireImage
If Bond was offered to him, there’s little doubt he’d take it because the star says that having a son has a major impact on his career choices, like returning to POTC for Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The star, who split from girlfriend Katy Perry in March, explained: “When I’m deciding what to do next, I now tend to think ‘Would Flynn like to see this, would he enjoy it?’

“And I think in certain ways I get more excited knowing I’m working on something he’ll love. There’s a real kick in that.”

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