Says she loves Nicki Minaj but… listens to Cardi B’s music: Miley Cyrus gets hate for ‘headache’

Says she loves Nicki Minaj but… listens to Cardi B’s music: Miley Cyrus gets hate for ‘headache’

Recently, Miley Cyrus had the opportunity to perform her new song. In particular, the song ‘love Nicki Minaj but listen to Cardi B’ caused her to be criticized on social networks.

Always an individualistic artist and ‘lacking willpower’ in love, Miley Cyrus has gradually returned to the music industry in the past two years with a song expected to be titled “Cattitude” . Recently, in a broadcast of BBC 1 Radio, Miley Cyrus appeared as a guest on this program. The most surprising thing was probably the fact that she sang the song “Cattitude” live  to the surprise of her fans. However, after this song was performed, it attracted a lot of attention because in the lyrics there was a sentence: “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi (I love Nicki very much but I like listening to her music). Cardi B more)”.

Miley Cyrus

Immediately, a fierce debate broke out on social networks about this, with most people thinking that Miley Cyrus was deliberately “dragging” the names of her two colleagues to attract attention to the song. new. Because everyone knows, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B are two “arch rivals”. 

Miley Cyrus

However, this multi-talented girl doesn’t seem to care about the above criticism as she continues to tweet: “I love you Selena, but I listen to Demi. More Demi)” as a response to the online community. The incident still shows no signs of cooling down as both sides refuse to yield to the other.


In fact, putting such verses into music is common in the European and American music industry. Maybe it was just a humorous piece that Miley Cyrus wanted to convey. Hopefully when the song is released, it will create a good effect for fans.

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