Selena Gomez’s Sexiest Swimsuit Pics: See The Singer In Bikinis & More

Selena Gomez sure knows how to slay a swimsuit! Look back at the best photos of the star in bikinis and one-pieces here.

Selena Gomez In Krahs Swimsuit

Krahs/Corey Wilson

Selena Gomez looks DAMN good in a bathing suit, and she’s definitely one of our swimsuit queens of summer. Whether she’s in a one-piece or a bikini, Selena looks super sexy in her bathing suits, and we’ve rounded up some of her sexiest swimsuit pics of all time.

Sel’s longtime friend, Theresa Mingus, has her very own swimsuit line, and Selena has been an avid supporter from the very first day. In fact, she even designed her very own one piece AND bikini for the brand, which were specially made to cover up the singer’s scar from a kidney surgery in 2017. Both suits are red, and the bikini is high waisted, so it falls high enough to keep the scar covered.

Keep clicking through the gallery to check out Selena in her Krahs swimsuits and more of her bathing suit looks!

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Selena Gomez In A La’Mariette Bikini


Selena Gomez wears a bikini from her friend’s La’Mariette swimsuit line. She posed in a water-filled cave while wearing the colorful two-piece and showing off her blonde hair.

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Selena Gomez In A Strappy Bikini


Selena Gomez strikes a sexy pose while wearing her La’Mariette ‘Marie’ bikini. The swimsuit feaured a triangle top with straps across the singer’s midsection, as well as low-rise bottoms.


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Selena Gomez’s Polaroid For La’Mariette


Selena Gomez debuts her swimsuit collection with La’Mariette, which was released in July 2021. She struck a sexy pose while posing for a polaroid photo to show off the collection.

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Selena Gomez In A Halter Swimsuit


Selena Gomez models a halter-style swimsuit from her La’Mariette Collection. The bathing suit wrapped around her neck with thick straps and covered her chest.



Selena Gomez In the Pool


Selena Gomez hits the pool for a photo shoot to launch her collection with La’Mariette. The collaboration was with her friend, Theresa, who lanched the swimsuit line herself.

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Selena Gomez Strikes A Pose In La’Mariette


Selena Gomez rocks a plunging swimsuit look from her collaboration with La’Mariette. She wore big hoop earrings to take photos in the ensemble.


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Selena Gomez Models For Krahs

Krahs/Corey Wilson

Selena Gomez models the Comino Rib one-piece suit from the Krahs swimwear line. She took photos getting out of the ocean for the shoot and resembled the ultimate Baywatch babe.

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Selena Gomez’s Krahs’ Photo Shoot

Krahs/Corey Wilson

Selena Gomez shows off her backside in a sexy one-piece swimsuit from Krahs. The design features an open back that looked amazing on her.

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Selena Gomez In A Krahs One-Piece Bathing Suit


Selena Gomez models the red bikini she helped design for Krahs swimwer. She looked stunning with a red lip for the shoot.

Selena Gomez In A Red Krahs Bikini


Selena Gomez shows off cleavage in a red bikini, which she helped design herself for Krahs swimwear. She posed for a sexy shoot to promote the brand.

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