Selena Gomez’s surprising reaction when being criticized for gaining weight and sagging waist

After being criticized for her slim body and sagging waist when wearing a bikini, singer Selena Gomez gave feedback.

A series of pictures of Selena Gomez wearing a swimsuit while having fun with friends on a yacht in Sydney, Australia is becoming the focus of public opinion. There have been many comments about Selena Gomez’s body. Many of the criticisms were quite bad, and even more harshly, some people even said that her body was far inferior to those of women in their 50s.

Selena Gomez's surprising reaction when criticized for gaining weight and sagging waist - Photo 1.

In response to physical attacks, Selena Gomez posted a short article on her personal page. She shared: “Women’s beauty standards are truly an extremely obsessive thing. This forces modern women into an endless cycle of despair, self-hatred just to trying to meet society’s standards for perfect beauty. I learned to love and take care of myself because I want to, not because I have to prove it to anyone.”

Selena Gomez's surprising reaction when being criticized for gaining weight and sagging waist - Photo 2.

Selena Gomez’s reaction quickly received support from fans. Many people strongly oppose “body-shaming”, criticizing other people’s bodies. According to Selena Gomez’s fans, they really like a healthy, plump female singer and her measurements do not determine a woman’s beauty.

Some people even claim that Selena Gomez is still beautiful no matter her body size.

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