Shock: Miranda Kerr used to be the night lover of a Malaysian billionaire

Billionaire Jho Low was accused of appropriating $4.5 billion and spending mountains of money to please Miranda Kerr. Only now has this relationship come to light.

According to Australian news site, kangaroo supermodel Miranda Kerr received millions of dollars worth of diamond jewelry from Malaysian billionaire – Jho Low. This is the conclusion drawn from the US government’s financial inspection report.

Rates Jho Low
According to a 6-page report by the US Department of Justice, billionaire Jho Low was accused of misappropriating $4.5 billion from the 1Malaysia Development Berhad Development Fund. Jho Low had a sexual relationship with supermodel Miranda Kerr on Valentine’s Day 2014, after she divorced her husband, actor Orlando Bloom.

Jho and Miranda Kerr

They were together briefly after Kerr divorced her ex-husband Orlando Bloom
The Malaysian billionaire’s first gifts were very valuable. Low asked famous jeweler Lorraine Schwartz that he was willing to spend 1 – 2 million USD to buy jewelry to please the beauty. That gift was an 11.72 carat heart-shaped diamond priced at $1.29 million.

After that, Jho Low also gave Miranda Kerr 2 diamonds and many other huge valuable jewelry. Among them are 1 diamond worth 3.8 million USD, 1 diamond worth 4.5 million USD, a necklace encrusted with 8.8 carats of diamonds, a necklace worth 800 thousand USD, a pair of 11 carat diamond earrings worth 1 million USD, several bracelet, necklace and ring for $1.98 million.

Even though the couple was only together for a short time, they had luxurious trips on the billionaire’s million-dollar yacht .

Currently, the amount of money stolen from public funds by Jho Low is being actively investigated. In case the above jewelry is proven to have been purchased with public funds, Miranda Kerr will have to return it all. Currently, she has just married technology billionaire Evan Spiegel after 1 year of dating.

In addition to Miranda Kerr, Jho Low also spent money to buy relationships with many other stars such as Paris Hilton or Leonardo Dicaprio.

Besides Miranda, Jho also dated Paris Hilton

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