Shock: Pop queen Madonna is in critical condition, having to use a ventilator due to a severe infection

Pop queen Madonna (64 years old) was found unconscious in New York over the weekend and was taken to the ICU – where she was said to have been intubated

Madoona’s manager Guy Oseary has just announced that the pop superstar is suffering from a “serious bacterial infection” and needs time to recover, so he has postponed the 84-date Celebration tour in Vancouver (Canada) on the 15th. /7.

Madonna had to be on a ventilator due to infection - a wake-up call for the Queen of pop who always claims to be 'invincible' - Photo 1.

Madonna, in a photo posted to social media on June 23, was taken to the hospital on June 24

Relatives of the Michigan-born singer told that they spent days grieving, not knowing whether she would make it.

Madonna once called herself “invincible”

The family member said this shocking “fall” was a wake-up call for Madonna – who always believed she was “invincible” and had made every effort to prepare for the tour.

“Over the past few days, no one really knew which way this was going and Madonna’s family was preparing for the worst.

That’s why this news is kept secret. Everyone believes we could lose Madonna and that is the reality of the situation,” said Madonna’s family member.

Madonna is the mother of six children: Lourdes (26 years old; Rocco (22 years old); David (17 years old), Mercy (17 years old) and 10-year-old twins Stella and Estere.

The New York Post reported that Lourdes was by her mother’s side throughout Madonna’s hospital stay.

Madonna regularly posts tributes to her 92-year-old father – Silvio Ciccone – and is close to some of her siblings.

Madonna has 3 sisters – Paula, Melanie and Jennifer – and 4 brothers: Anthony, Martin, Christopher and Mario.

Madonna had to be on a ventilator due to infection - a wake-up call for the Queen of pop who always claims to be 'invincible' - Photo 2.

Madonna with her sisters and father

Anthony died in February of nasopharyngeal cancer and respiratory failure at the age of 66.

Family sources told that Madonna’s sudden hospitalization has united her family.

“All members of Madonna’s family have come together to deal with this issue. And it serves as a reminder to the singer that she needs to take care of herself.

This really awakened her. Madonna has not been living a healthy life like she did at her age and she has been losing weight over the past few months.

She thinks she is still young when in reality she is not. She also believed that she was invincible,” the relative said.

Sources close to the singer say she has been working around the clock to ensure that her tour goes flawlessly, with one revealing that she has been rehearsing six days a week.

Another told DailyMail in April that Madonna was “driving everyone up the wall with her perfectionism”.

At the time, the source said that Madonna was “in amazing condition”.

“Everything, including this tour, is being pushed back now and no one is even allowed to mention anything work-related around Madonna,” a family source said.

She will put her career and reputation above her health until the day she dies,” the relative added.

Madonna’s representative has yet to comment on her relative’s claims, when asked by .

Madonna had to be on a ventilator due to infection - a wake-up call for the Queen of pop who always claims to be 'invincible' - Photo 3.

Madonna with 6 children, both biological and adopted

The 64-year-old’s health scare was shared with the world by her longtime manager Guy Oseary, who revealed on Instagram that Madonna had been forced to postpone her 40th anniversary tour . his highly anticipated year due to medical difficulties.

Oseary emphasized in her post that the singer and mother of six is ​​”expected to make a full recovery” and that her “health is improving, out of the ICU and recovering” but added that she was “still receiving medical care”.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, it is not known exactly what type of infection Madonna is suffering from, but bacterial infections can affect many different parts of the body, including the skin, lungs, brain and blood.

“Common bacterial illnesses include UTIs, food poisoning, STIs and some skin, sinus and ear infections,” the health agency states, noting that the most common form of treatment is a course of antibiotics.

“There are many bacterial infections that are usually not serious or can be easily treated with antibiotics.

However, any bacterial infection that gets deep into your body, such as in the blood, heart, lungs or brain, can be life-threatening.”

An insider told that preparing for the tour was exhausting and that Madonna gave it her all.

“This could be Madonna’s last tour, so she wants to make it perfect.”

Madonna’s Celebration Tour is expected to last until January 30, 2024, and will include shows in North America and Europe. This will be the Queen of Pop’s 12th tour.

The singer’s most recent Instagram post was on June 20 – four days before she was hospitalized – and featured several images of Madonna rehearsing for the tour, along with the caption: “Peace before the storm”.

Madonna once made fans worry a lot about her health

On June 23, Madonna also shared a post to her Instagram Stories in which she can be seen bleaching her roots. A day later, she was taken to the ICU.

Madonna had to be on a ventilator due to infection - a wake-up call for the Queen of pop who always claims to be 'invincible' - Photo 5.

Madonna in a photo posted on Instagram on June 20

Madonna has been rehearsing for her Celebration tour for months now – with tickets for the highly anticipated music event selling out within minutes of going on sale.

The singer last took the stage at London’s O2 Arena during her Rebel Heart tour in 2015, the same year she took a tumble during a performance at the BRIT Awards.

While Madonna performed at 75 theater venues on her Madame X tour , she was forced to cancel several shows due to recurring hip and knee injuries.

In May 2020, the singer revealed that she was receiving stem cell treatment to treat her injury, and shared an X-ray of her knee – where she was damaged after falling on the field. stage at the end of February.

At the time, Madonna described herself as a “broken doll held together with tape and glue” as she announced that she was in need of bed rest in hopes of finishing the tour.

Madonna had to be on a ventilator due to infection - a wake-up call for the Queen of pop who always claims to be 'invincible' - Photo 6.

Madonna’s manager says that the singer (seen on June 20) has been forced to postpone the start of her 40th Anniversary tour, which was scheduled to begin on July 15 in Canada

The singer’s health and well-being have also been a subject of much concern in recent months, with Madonna worrying fans at the end of 2021 with a series of erratic social media posts – one of that number shows her posing with a person holding a knife pointed at her neck.

Then, earlier this year, Madonna was heavily criticized for her changing appearance with some speculating that she had undergone cosmetic surgery when she was seen with a dramatically altered appearance at an awards show Grammy 2023.

While Madonna was quick to quash critical comments about her appearance – and denied any plastic surgery rumors – backstage, an insider told that she was “affected  . sensitive to the criticism and has begun taking steps to ensure that she returns to a more natural state before stepping on stage for her first performance.

Madonna first went on tour around the UK in 1987, with the Who’s That Girl World Tour.

Her performances are no stranger to controversy, angering the church in 1990 when she simulated masturbation on stage, prompting Pope John Paul II to call for a boycott of the Blonde tour . Her Ambition .

On that same tour, Madonna wore her iconic Jean Paul Gaultier cone bra to a sold-out show in Japan.

Madonna had to be on a ventilator due to infection - a wake-up call for the Queen of pop who always claims to be 'invincible' - Photo 7.

According to Oseary, Madonna (seen on June 20) is ‘still receiving medical care’ but is ‘expected to make a full recovery’ – although a rescheduled date for her tour has yet to be shared

In 2006, she also angered the Church of England when she staged a fake crucifixion during her Confessions tour in LA.

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