Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men who are at least 28 years younger than her

Female singer Madonna turned 64 last month, but she still only dates male models and dancers who are at least 28 years younger than her.

Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men who are at least... 28 years younger than her... 1

Madonna has always shown a tendency to date people younger than her (Photo: Page Six).

Since 2008, after divorcing director Guy Ritchie (the director is 10 years younger than Madonna), the pop queen has had a series of love affairs with men who are at least… 28 years younger than her.

Madonna’s current boyfriend – model Andrew Darnell – is 41 years younger than her. In fact, this male model’s age (23 years old) is less than the age of Madonna’s first daughter – Lourdes Leon (25 years old).

A friend of Madonna shared with the New York Post news : “The fact that Madonna only dates young men decades younger than her is not a coincidence. Madonna likes this because it shows see the bold, bohemian side of her.

Many people will judge Madonna negatively, but in her mind, Madonna sees that dating young men keeps her forever young and helps her prove to the world that she is truly a woman. youthful person”.

Information about Madonna’s dating story has been of interest and mentioned recently as a “counterweight” story to the dating story of actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The 47-year-old actor is said to only like to date women under 25 years old.

Returning to Madonna, since she came to New York City (USA) to build a singing career in the early 1980s, Madonna has always shown a tendency to like to date people younger than her. Her two husbands – director Guy Ritchie and actor Sean Penn – are both younger than her. Carlos Leon – Madonna’s ex-boyfriend, father of her eldest daughter Lourdes Leon – is also 8 years younger than Madonna.

Talking about the fact that she often enters into romantic relationships with younger men, Madonna once said: “I don’t choose to have a relationship with someone younger than me. It’s simply that everything comes naturally.” It happens like that. Maybe that’s the factor that makes me feel romantic in a relationship.”

In her life, there has only been one time Madonna dated someone older than her, and that was with actor Warren Beatty, an actor 21 years older than her. The affair took place from 1989 to 1990.

Below are the young lovers who have passed through Madonna’s life:

Model Andrew Darnell (41 years younger than Madonna) is Madonna’s newest lover. Their relationship was just made public this September, after intimate moments appeared between the two when they went shopping and eating out together.

Previously, the two sides had intimate gestures when participating in a photo shoot for a magazine. It is possible that this love story blossomed from the photo shoot that was just done.

Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men at least... 28 years - 4 years younger than her

Dancer Ahlamalik Williams (Photo: Page Six).

Dancer Ahlamalik Williams (36 years younger than Madonna) once performed on Madonna’s “Madame X” tour. They have known each other through work since 2015 and started dating in 2019. When they started dating, Williams was 25 years old. Madonna is even older than Williams’ father.

However, Williams’ family supports this relationship. Williams has accompanied Madonna on trips, and he has had many joint activities with Madonna’s family members. The couple broke up amicably in April this year.
Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men at least... 28 years - 5 years younger than her

Model Kevin Sampaio (Photo: Page Six).

Model Kevin Sampaio (28 years younger than Madonna) was 31 years old when he started dating Madonna, who was then 59 years old. They announced their relationship in 2017. The two met while filming. image for Madonna’s music video, in the MV, Sampaio plays Madonna’s lover.

The two sides closely accompanied each other in many work activities and Madonna’s personal life, but in 2019, Sampaio quietly disappeared from Madonna’s life. In general, the breakups between Madonna and her young love are always very gentle.

Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men at least... 28 years - 6 years younger than her

Model Aboubakar Soumahoro (Photo: Page Six).

Model Aboubakar Soumahoro (33 years younger than Madonna) met Madonna at a party in 2015. The 24-year-old model and the 57-year-old music star quickly bonded. At that time, Soumahoro’s life was difficult. He had to work part-time at the supermarket because the income from modeling was not enough for him to maintain his life.

Knowing Madonna has helped Soumahoro not have to work two jobs at once. Everything went well, Soumahoro moved from London (UK) to live in Madonna’s house in New York (USA), he also helped Madonna take care of her children, but then the relationship stopped in 2017.
Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men at least... 28 years - 7 years younger than her

Timorese dancer Steffens and Madonna (Photo: Page Six).

Timorese dancer Steffens (29 years younger than Madonna): The couple publicly announced their relationship in 2014 after meeting each other in Switzerland, at that time, Madonna was 55 years old, Steffens was 26 years old. When Madonna danced on a yacht during a visit to Steffens’ hometown in Rotterdam (Netherlands), she fell hard, suffered serious injuries and had to use crutches afterward. This relationship only lasted 7 months.
Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men at least... 28 years - 8 years younger than her

Dancer Brahim Zaibat and Madonna (Photo: Page Six).

Dancer Brahim Zaibat (28 years younger than Madonna) had the opportunity to collaborate with Madonna at work in 2010. At that time, Madonna was 52 years old and the dancer was 24 years old. They quickly developed a liking for each other. Madonna once showed that she was very happy in this relationship when she shared with the news that Brahim Zaibat made her “feel complete and happy in many different ways”.

However, the three-year relationship came to an end when rumors emerged that Brahim Zaibat was having an affair with Madonna’s female fitness trainer.
Since 2008, Madonna has only dated young men at least... 28 years - 9 years younger than her

Model Jesus Luz with Madonna (Photo: Page Six).

Model Jesus Luz (29 years younger than Madonna) became acquainted with the pop queen when the two did a photo shoot in Brazil for a magazine in 2008. At that time, Madonna was in her 50s and had just completed divorce procedures. Kissing director Guy Ritchie. When participating in the photo shoot with Madonna, Jesus Luz (then 21 years old) was assigned the task of playing the role of Madonna’s lover.

“Fake photos, real love”, they quickly became a couple after doing the photo shoot. Jesus Luz’s career flourished after he became Madonna’s boyfriend. However, Luz’s mother – a hairdresser living in Rio De Janeiro, 14 years younger than Madonna – was very opposed to her son’s love life, so in the end, this relationship ended after 14 months.

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