Supermodel Miranda makes the best money in Australia: Rich through saving

Famous for the story of “long legs and a rich couple”, but Miranda Kerr’s assets are mostly thanks to her “accumulations” during her 20 years as a model and profits from her own cosmetics brand. named Kora Organics.

Supermodel Miranda makes the best money in Australia: Rich through saving

Miranda Kerr ranked 5th on the list of the best self-made women under 40 in Australia.

According to the latest statistics from the Australian Financial Review magazine, Miranda Kerr ranked 5th in the list of the best self-made women under 40 in Australia and 62nd in the top 100 richest young citizens in this country. She currently owns a fortune of 44 million USD thanks to her modeling career and cosmetics business.

In an interview in Australia’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine in November 2017, Miranda shared that she worked hard for 20 years as a model and tried to save money because she thought this job was short-term.

Victoria’s Secret’s most expensive supermodel

Former Victoria’s Secret supermodel’s full name is Miranda May Kerr, born on April 20, 1983 in Sydney, Australia. At the age of 13, Miranda won first prize in an Australia-wide model search contest organized by Dolly magazine.

Miranda graduated from All Hallows Catholic Girls School in Brisbane in 2000. She then studied nutrition and health psychology before pursuing a modeling career.

Miranda Kerr is the first Australian model to join the Victoria’s Secret angel family.

In 2004, Miranda started her career in the US. She was fortunate to sign a lucrative contract with cosmetics company Maybelline New York along with a deal with Victoria’s Secret, the world’s leading lingerie brand.

Miranda Kerr is the first Australian model to join the Victoria’s Secret angel family. The opportunity with Victoria’s Secret has helped Miranda become one of the most expensive supermodels, alongside famous names like Gisele Bundchen, Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio.

Just one year after signing an official contract with the world’s leading lingerie brand, Miranda reached the top 10 supermodels with the highest income voted by Forbes magazine in 2013. She ranked second with total earnings. is 7.2 million USD.

Want to inspire girls

Studying nutrition became a great inspiration for Miranda to complete her first book called “Treasure Yourself” in 2010. The book encourages and encourages young women to strive to strive. and work hard for your dreams.

Miranda admitted that she felt extremely uncomfortable when she witnessed many young models always torturing themselves with harsh diets: “If you want a healthy body, you should exercise and eat a lot.” more vegetables. It’s as simple as that for me.”

Miranda always maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Kerr is a Nichiren Buddhist of Japanese origin, and the supermodel always keeps herself away from the temptations of a celebrity’s life. In an interview, she shared: “Celebrity life is fast-paced and it’s hard to find meaning in it. But Buddhism has helped me regain peace of mind.”

Living in a world full of temptation, it’s hard to find a scandal about Miranda. She is a literal angel with a clean background and a healthy lifestyle. The supermodel shared about her own desires: “I want to be a good role model for girls and want to prove to them that they can do anything they are passionate about and still have a life.” Healthy living”.

In early 2013, Miranda retired from Victoria’s Secret’s angel wings. However, even though she left, Miranda is still a bright name in the world fashion industry.

Hong’s beauty “twice the boat”

The supermodel started dating British actor Orlando Bloom in late 2007. In June 2010, the couple announced their engagement and only a month later the two secretly got married. However, after six years of living together, the couple surprised many people with the news of their separation. Miranda’s son’s full name is Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom. Baby was born in January 2011.

Miranda has a son with British actor Orlando Bloom.

She married for the second time with young billionaire Evan Spiegel on May 27, 2017 at their private villa worth 12 million USD in Los Angeles. The couple only held a simple wedding with the presence of 45 guests who were family and close friends.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel officially married on May 27, 2017.

After getting married, Miranda Kerr focused more on her cosmetics brand. “Evan inspired me. He said: ‘Why do you go work for another company and not focus on your company? You need to take risks. If you believe, give it your all. for it”, Miranda Kerr told The Edit about why she decided to invest more in Kora Organics company.

Miranda Kerr owns her own organic cosmetics brand called Kora Organics.

With natural organic formulas, her products help nourish, regenerate and rejuvenate women’s skin. Miranda products sell very well in Asian, European, Canadian and UK markets.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel enjoyed a romantic and luxurious honeymoon at the “resort paradise” of Laucala in the island nation of Fiji, in the South Pacific Ocean.

Born in 1990, Spiegel became the world’s youngest technology billionaire thanks to owning Snapchat , a mobile application that allows messages, photos… to self-destruct just a few seconds after being viewed. Spiegel was born and raised in Los Angeles (USA) in a wealthy family. He is the eldest son of two famous lawyers, graduating from the world’s top universities, Harvard and Yale.

Evan Spiegel is the world’s youngest technology billionaire with current assets estimated at $3.7 billion.

In 2013, Spiegel and Murphy rejected a buyout offer worth up to $3 billion from Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s owner. This is a bold and smart decision, as Snapchat is currently valued at nearly 20 billion USD, turning the two co-founders into the world’s youngest billionaires.

Miranda Kerr herself owns a private villa in Malibu, California that costs $2.2 million.

The couple “billionaire and supermodel” always support each other at work. Evan once appeared on the cover of Italian fashion magazine Vogue, and Miranda also used her famous social network accounts to promote her husband’s Snapchat application.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel had good news 6 months after their wedding, they are currently excited to welcome their child into the world.

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