Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj: Which name is worthy of inheriting the ‘pioneer artists’ of the following years?

Which name would “Pioneer Artist of the Year” most deserve?

So it’s been an exciting summer for the European and American music industry. During the world’s sweltering times, artists have continuously unleashed “musical rain” and together created a “shocking” effect across the globe. And to recognize the extremely positive achievements of artists, one of Hollywood’s most majestic awards ceremonies – Video Music Awards , was officially held. The public opinion community is extremely excited to see which character will win the most awards, especially the most prestigious nomination : Pioneer Artist of the Year. However, the name that experts have called “most likely” to receive this award is not the extremely strong opponents like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga, but it is Missy Elliott – one of the first female rappers in the European and American music industry.
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Although the award has “slipped half” out of the hands of the main pop girls, experts, especially public opinion, are currently “planning” to see which character will be worthy of inheriting the prestigious nomination. next years. Here are 5 names predicted by Billboard experts and the netizen community to “win” this great honor in the near future:

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With 20 years of dedication and  being one of the first ” paveers ” for the Rap music genre, Missy Elliott is the name worthy of being called out by experts to receive this monumental honor.

Topping the list is none other than the “royal butterfly” queen Taylor Swift. With the achievements she has achieved in 2019 such as being at the top of the list of female artists with the highest revenue from the album Lover even when she has not yet released an album, the name: Pioneering Artist, is completely worth it.

The second character on the list is none other than Katy Perry – the queen of creative MVs. With a positive contribution to the music industry – 4 consecutive songs within half a year, this contribution is extremely worthy of being nominated.


Lady Gaga is the next name mentioned. Although the female artist has been “silent” since the huge success of Shallow, according to Billboard , the female artist is the one who has “revived” and promoted the tradition of music in many “states”. different. With this extremely creative dedication, Gaga absolutely deserves to be nominated as: Pioneer Artist of the Year.


Following Gaga is Nicki Minaj – the queen of rappers, who is named next to inherit this title. With more than 10 records she holds such as the first female rapper to appear 100 times on international music charts, the most viewed video in 24 hours for the Rap music genre,… Nicki completely deserves the title. this appointment.


And finally, the “little diva” Ariana Grande. Although she possesses many great achievements such as the Grammy Award , she is the most underrated character on the list. According to public opinion, the female artist has not yet made a mark in the music market and this nomination will probably belong to her but in… many years to come.

It is known that the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award – also known as Pioneer Artist of the Year, is an extremely prestigious award of the  Video Music Awards program . This award marks and recognizes the “lifetime” contributions of artists or even film directors in the art industry. Because of this, this nomination does not happen every year but only appears in years with the presence of outstanding achievements. There have been many artists who were lucky enough to “conquer” this award, notable ones include: Britney Spears, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez,…

Extremely honorable moment of pop queen Britney Spears.


The “Queen Bee” of Pop music – Beyonce also owns this title.


Even Jennifer Lopez.

Currently, the debate on the issue of choosing the character who will “inherit” this prestigious position in the coming years still shows no signs of ending. What do you think? Who will be worthy of receiving the “Pioneer Artist of the Year” award in the near future? Please vote with Saostar!

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