“That Motherf**ker Other Than Tyrese Haliburton”: Kevin Garnett Wants Kevin Durant And The Suns To Target One PG Out East

"That Motherf**ker Other Than Tyrese Haliburton": Kevin Garnett Wants Kevin Durant And The Suns To Target One PG Out East

Credits: USA Today Sports

In the latest episode of KG Certified on ALL THE SMOKE, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce discussed solutions for Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns. Following the franchise’s 20-18 start to the season, both the NBA Hall of Famers emphasized the importance of a point guard on the roster. Garnett pointed out one particular PG from the Eastern Conference, explaining his resemblance with Tyrese Haliburton.

The 47-year-old wanted the Suns to bring in the Washington Wizards’ starting guard Tyus Jones from the capital. “You know who Phoenix needs to go get? Tyus Jones,” he mentioned, before explaining his stance while drawing parallels between him and Haliburton. “That motherf***er other than Haliburton, he is prolific when it comes to being effective and taking care of the ball,” Garnett stated.

“He does not turn the ball over, bro,” he further mentioned, before Pierce added, “Yeah, he don’t turn it over”. Following this, Garnett highlighted how Jones had steadied the ship for the Memphis Grizzlies during Ja Morant‘s absence last season. “When you think about Memphis, when they was playing without Ja bro, he was the head of that. Nobody talks about that piece, man,” he stated.

Soon after that, Pierce shed light on a different proposition, putting Chris Paul‘s name into the mix. “Chris Paul would be looking good in Phoenix right now,” the Boston Celtics icon highlighted, before KG voiced, “I said that. I shot that”. “I want Chris Paul on this Phoenix team,” he further mentioned, clarifying his belief.

All this put into focus the need of the hour for the Western Conference organization as they require assistance in running their backcourt. KG, in particular, wanted the Suns to sign a point guard who could emulate the success of Haliburton for them. After all, the 23-year-old has been a revelation for the Pacers this season averaging 23.6 points per game and 12.5 assists per game.

Thus, the former Celtics duo shed light on options such as Jones and Paul to enhance the team’s output on the court. Despite none of them being a prolific scorer like the Pacers star, both of them could help stabilize the backcourt for the squad. By involving the rest of the team more in the attack with their shot-creating actions, these players could turn things around in Arizona.

Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns have potential, but need to figure it out

Charles Barkley recently criticized the same area of the franchise during the Inside the NBA show on TNT. “My Suns are in trouble. They have no leadership. They have no toughness,” he stated. Chuck openly declared, “They don’t have a point guard. They got no leadership and they got no toughness”.

Following Barkley’s comments though, the Suns’ backcourt pulled off a memorable performance against the Los Angeles Lakers. Away from home Devin Booker and Bradley Beal registered 31 points and 37 points respectively while running the plays. Beal specifically had a breakthrough night for his new employers as he also recorded 6 rebounds and 4 assists.

So, it could well be a sign of changing times within the organization. After all, ahead of the start of the season, KG had backed Booker as the leader of the team. “I think this is Booker’s team. This is definitely Booker’s team,” he mentioned. Thus, the 27-year-old would need to step up more like this to ensure a turnaround for the organization.