The images make it difficult to distinguish between Madonna and her daughter Lourdes

Queen of pop, Madonna Louise Ciccone is known for the controversial nature of her music both in her videos and on stage.

She has always pushed the boundaries when it comes to her music, which has raised her profile over time. With more than 300 million records sold worldwide, she won the Guinness World Record for being the best-selling female singer of all time.

Madonna has 6 children – 2 biological children: Lourdes and Rocco, and 4 adopted children: David, Mercy, Stella, and Esther. Due to her fame, her children also gained some fame. Madonna gave birth to Lourdes Leon, her first daughter with a fitness trainer with whom she had a relationship in the late 1990s. Now, Lourdes is 23 years old. She looks so much like her mother that sometimes people mistake them for sisters.

Below are pictures of identical mother and child.


It makes sense for the children to look like their parents, but in this case, Madonna and her daughter could be mistaken for sisters or even twins. Madonna shared a photo of her daughter on Instagram to celebrate her 23rd birthday and people could only comment that they looked awfully similar.

Little Lourdes followed her mother

Little Lourdes also known as Lola is Madonna’s first daughter. Therefore, when she grew up, Lola was taken everywhere by her mother. When Mom has a quick work session, Lola will go with her. Even as a child, Lola looked like her mother. Lola wears a very beautiful denim outfit. Before long, denim became a trend.

Attend red carpet events

Lourdes is no longer small. In the picture, the girl is 12 years old and attending a red carpet event. Madonna and her daughter dressed up when attending a performance to raise money to support Gucci’s UNICEF. Lourdes resembles her mother in her smile, teeth, and eyes.

Same hairstyle

Madonna’s daughter looks remarkably like her mother as Lola blossoms into a youthful girl. Mother and daughter looked like twins as they arrived for the New York premiere of Nine That day, Lola always imitated her mother’s dressing style but still dressed according to her age. The mother and daughter wore black outfits and had the same hairstyle. The only thing that makes mother and daughter different is that Lola wears braces.

Like Mother like daughter

Lourdes grew up watching her mother work hard and pursue an artistic career for many years. At some point, perhaps she wanted to be like her mother. She followed her mother to take pictures. Without even trying, mother and daughter have quite similar facial expressions.

My daughter

Lourdes is a mother figure. In the picture, they decided to confuse the public by wearing the same hairstyle. Singer Material Girl brought her daughter to the 2011 Vanity Fair Oscar party organized by Vanity Fair editor-in-chief Graydon Carter. Lola and Madonna share the same smile at the red carpet.

Posing on the red carpet

Lourdes and Madonna posed the question to fans if they saw Madonna’s doppelganger at the Nine premiere in New York City. Mother and daughter are indescribably similar. They even pose the same. If one didn’t know they were mother and daughter, one might think they had practiced beforehand for the event.

The difference lies in the hair

Mother and daughter attended the Material Girl collection launch event at Macy’s Herald Square Shopping Center in New York. Lourdes even made a strong impression when she inherited her mother’s eyebrows. The only difference lies in their hair color.

Left home to go to college

Lourdes grew up in the public spotlight. She looks like a carbon copy of her mother and is about to enter the University of Michigan. However, this is a public school, which is quite strange for a star’s child. Lola wants to study here because her mother also studied here before she dropped out.

Attend the Met Gala after-party

Mother and daughter wore black outfits when attending the 2015 Met Gala after-party. That day, Lourdes was 18 years old, and her mother had fun going to the party with her daughter. The mother and daughter let their hair down and it seemed like the daughter had the same face as her mother.

Sit in the first row

Madonna and Lourdes seem to be very close. Maybe because they have the same style and similar appearance. Mother and daughter sit in the first row at the Alexander Wang fashion show during New York Fashion Week 2016. They both seemed in high spirits throughout the show.

Replica of young Madonna

One thing fans love when it comes to star children is that the kids grow up to look just like their parents. This is a picture of a young Madonna, and this image looks like Lourdes today with her attractive hairstyle and it’s hard to tell the difference between mother and daughter.

Express your love for your mother

Lola is very similar to her mother. That’s why people see copies in this photo. Mother and daughter hugged as they celebrated Madonna’s 58th birthday in Cuba. The Queen of Pop loves to celebrate her birthday with the people she loves, which are her children.

Tenderness for mother on her birthday

Madonna and Lourdes could be mistaken for sisters. The similarity between mother and daughter surprised the public. Lola showers affection on her mother as she celebrates her 59th birthday. Madonna seemed happy with her six children when the children gathered at her birthday party. She shared photos on Instagram, something she rarely does.

Birthday party

Birthday parties are very important in Madonna’s family. The whole family doesn’t miss anyone’s birthday. In the picture, mother and daughter look identical. They went to a restaurant for a birthday dinner on the occasion of Lola’s 22nd birthday. Madonna shared the photo online and captioned it “the light of my life”.

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