“They cut all my scenes out”: Robert Downey Jr Went Through Absolute Humiliation After Telling All His Friends He Was a Major Star in Hollywood

Robert Downey Jr was humiliated when he told his friends about being a major talent

Robert Downey Jr has a massive fandom due to his impeccable acting talent. But before achieving this grand-scale success, he had faced several challenges in his life. But there was this one instance when he went through ultimate humiliation as he told his friends about being a film star in Hollywood after getting his first credited role as an adult.

Robert Downey Jr as Iron ManRobert Downey Jr as Iron Man

While he worked in a variety of movies from 1980-90s, he faced a major downfall after that. However, with his capabilities, he completely turned the tables leading to a resurgence in his popularity when he portrayed Tony Stark aka Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. During his earlier acting years, he got his first credited role in the 1983 movie, Baby It’s You where he appeared as Stewart. But little did he know that his work would end up getting cut off majorly in the final cut. 

Robert Downey Jr’s First Credited Role is Baby It’s You

Rosanna Arquette and Vincent Spano in Baby It's You (1983)Rosanna Arquette and Vincent Spano in Baby It’s You (1983)

Robert Downey Jr left his high school to pursue his acting career which was not at all easy. He did quite odd jobs such as bussing tables at Central Falls restaurant or working in a shoe store to keep up with what he really wanted to achieve. 

When he was working at the restaurant as a busboy, he auditioned to secure a part in 1983’s Baby It’s You. He revealed via Rolling Stone that “a lot of friends of mine were all auditioning for this.”

After finally getting the part, he filmed his scenes for four weeks which he boasted to all his friends. 

“I had four weeks work in ‘Baby It’s You’, and I told all my friends I was now, officially, a major talent and film star.”

While he had a great kickstart in this project, he eventually had to face a major humiliation as he couldn’t show his friends the ‘major talent’ the movie initially covered.

Robert Downey Jr’s Scenes in Baby It’s You Were Edited in the Final Cut

Robert Downey Jr as Iron ManRobert Downey Jr as Iron Man
What could have been a huge accomplishment for him turned into an embarrassment as he recalled that his scenes were not in the final cut except for one where he was seen in the background. 

“And then they cut my scenes out. You don’t even see me except in one scene, you see me in the background until this self-indulgent actress leans forward to try and get more camera time.”

He continued, 

“They cut all my scenes out and my friends go, ‘Hey, Robert – maybe it’s you!’ Now I don’t tell people that I’m in a film until I see it on videocassette.”

From that instance, he decided to keep his roles to himself unless he was sure about his presence in the projects. However, Downey Jr won’t have to do that anymore since he has become one of the most notable actors in Hollywood all thanks to his hard work. 

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