Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 Uniting MCU and Sony Venom-Verse Rumor Debunked by Industry Insider

Renowned industry insider busted the rumor claiming Tom Holland’s next Spider-Man movie will unite the SUMC and the MCU!

Tom Holland’s career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as the fan-favorite web-slinger has been a thoroughly successful one, which is also the reason behind the young star putting his spider-suit back on for Spider-Man 4. And while most fans are ecstatic after hearing this confirmation that Holland will be reprising his role once again, some others have taken this as an opportunity to spread rumors about the film instead.
Tom Holland's Spider-ManMCU’s Spider-Man
But being as they are, rumors are debunked at some point in time once and for all, and that’s exactly what happened to one rumor as an industry insider busted the rumor claiming Holland’s next Peter Parker movie to unite the SUMC and the MCU.

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Rumors Claiming Spider-Man 4 To Merge The SUMC And MCU Busted By Insider

Tom Holland as Peter ParkerTom Holland as Peter Parker
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Following Tom Holland‘s confirmation for Spider-Man 4, rumors have been floating around about numerous stuff related to the film. One of these claimed that the Sony Venom-verse and the Marvel Cinematic Universe would be united with Holland’s next Peter Parker film, which was posted by MCU_CRAWLER_DC on X:
“The SUMC and MCU will reportedly merge in ‘SPIDER-MAN 4’ starring Tom Holland.”
Added to this tweet were the pictures of Tom Holland’s web-slinger, Sydney Sweeney‘s Spider-Woman aka Julia Carpenter, Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s Kraven the Hunter, and Tom Hardy‘s Venom, along with the source of this report being cited as @DanielRPK, who is a respectable business insider.

The SUMC and MCU will reportedly merge in ‘SPIDER-MAN 4’ starring Tom Holland.

(via @DanielRPK)

— MCU_CRAWLER_DC (@im_dk99) November 18, 2023
However, unfortunately for the handle that spread this rumor, Daniel Richtman (@DanielRPK on X) smoothly debunked this report for being fake by reposting the original tweet holding the rumor with the comment:
“Never said it by the way.”

Never said it by the way

— Daniel Richtman (@DanielRPK) November 24, 2023

With the news officially debunked by the very person cited to have claimed it, fans have been pretty hilarious with their reactions to this smooth busting of the rumor.

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Fans React To This Epic Spider-Man 4 Rumor Debunking

Tom Holland as Spider-ManTom Holland as Spider-Man
While busting of rumors comes and goes, it seems fans will be remembering this one for quite some time considering their hilarious reactions to the official tweet. Commenting on @DanielRPK’s post, here’s how they reacted:

This debunked tweet is stronger and better than any community notes 🤣🤣😭

— DEV (@IAM_DEVION) November 24, 2023

And why don’t they put Morbius in the photo?🙄😂😂

— Fernando. (@fxrchx_) November 24, 2023

Ahh this is all getting a bit too much now lol

— joe aldridge (@JosephA17924266) November 24, 2023

unfortunately people use your name for likes but no one digs so people believe everything, it doesn’t surprise me that Americans have an average IQ of 90 which is low

— Fra00scp (@FrancescoMiucc9) November 24, 2023

Is this a new episode of Mythbusters?

— PAB Games (@realpabgames) November 24, 2023

Debunked it.

— Willie Rodriguez (@WillieR30663612) November 24, 2023


— The Comics Verse (@TheComicsVerse) November 24, 2023
Although the rumor has been cleared out and all has been forgiven and forgotten, even the thought of the MCU and Sony Venom-verse merging together with Spider-Man 4 seems to be a bit too far-fetched and something that most certainly won’t be happening anytime soon.

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