“Unearthing” Madonna’s enormous assets – the biggest money printing machine in the singer world

Few people would expect that 20-year-old Madonna with 35 USD in her pocket has now become the richest female singer in the world with a total assets of up to 850 million USD.

Entertainment - 'Unearthing' Madonna's enormous assets - the biggest money printing machine in the singer world
Recently,  Wealthy Gorilla  used data from  Forbes, Celebrity Net Worth  and  The Richest to create a list of the 20 richest singers in the world . Accordingly, as of 2019, Madonna owns a huge fortune of 850 million USD and holds the top position.

In fact, this is not the first time the “Queen of Pop” has been reported by the press as the richest singer in the world. In 2016,  Wealth-X  – a company specializing in researching the super rich – declared Madonna the world’s highest-earning singer with 910 million USD.

Thus, it can be seen that although Madonna’s total asset value has increased or decreased over the years, she still surpasses other artists in terms of wealth and is constantly at the top of the list of singers who own huge assets. The audience asked the question, in nearly 40 years of working, how many shows did Madonna perform and how many advertising contracts did she win to own such a huge fortune? 

Madonna has been singing since 1982 after signing a contract with Sire Records and releasing her debut album of the same name. She continued to make a series of commercially successful albums such as  Rat of Light (1998), Confessions on a Dance Floor (2005)… 

Over the years, Madonna has been famous as a multi-talented and hard-working artist. She owns nearly 40 hits ( Like a Virgin, Holiday, 4 Minutes… ), more than any other singer in history.

Entertainment - 'Unearthing' Madonna's enormous assets - the biggest money-printing machine in the singer world (Figure 2).
According to  Forbes , in 2007 alone, Madonna earned 72 million USD, in 2008 this figure was 40 million USD and 110 million USD in 2009. By 2011, Madonna’s career began to slow down when she did not release an album. I’m new and haven’t been on tour much. 

Up to now, the “Queen of Pop” has sold more than 300 albums globally and was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the best-selling female artist of all time. Her extremely high income also comes from live shows. 

According to statistics, each tour will bring Madonna tens of millions of dollars. In addition to singing, the mother of 6 children also spends a large amount of money from acting, film production, writing stories, and fashion design . The amount of assets she has in her hands is the desire of generations of juniors as well as many women around the world. 

Even though she is a wealthy artist, Madonna is not ostentatious. In 2017, a fan was extremely surprised to see the “Queen of Pop” sitting in the same economy class on a flight from England to Portugal. This person also posted a photo of Madonna playing with her phone by the window.

When this moment was widely shared on Twitter, netizens could not help but be surprised and said that Madonna’s simple lifestyle has helped her always be loved.

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