Ice Cube Calls Out Oprah and The View for Blacklisting Him

Ice Cube talks to Tucker Carlson about being blacklisted from Oprah and The View.

A recent interview with Ice Cube revealed hidden corners of the famous hip-hop star’s life and his views on many important social issues.

During the chat, Ice Cube opened up about being excluded from several popular TV shows and his opinions on politics and the police.

One highlight is that Ice Cube revealed that he was excluded from several popular shows such as The View and Oprah Show, even though he used to be a popular guest on these shows.

He said he didn’t know exactly why he was excluded, but it was probably due to his political opinions and independent views.

Ice Cube Calls Out Oprah and The View for Blacklisting Him - YouTube

Ice Cube also criticized Oprah’s criticism for becoming more controversial than burning the American flag, and expressed regret about being excluded from her show.

Meanwhile, Ice Cube also expressed his opinion on politics, saying that meeting and talking with opposing partners is necessary.

He objected to being judged as a Republican supporter just because he wanted to chat with the Trump administration.

Ice Cube also criticized Biden for not meeting the expectations of voters, especially black voters.

Regarding the police issue, Ice Cube gave the opinion that they often value protecting themselves more than obeying the law and ensuring people’s rights.

He reasoned that this was due to their philosophy, in which the main goal was to survive each collision.

This interview with Ice Cube is an in-depth look into the famous hip-hop star’s views on social and political issues.

At the same time, it is also a reminder of the importance of being open to diversity of opinion and constructive discussion.

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