Lady Gaga playfully rolled around in front of the camera but – as always – accidentally revealed her underwear when posing on the field

The singer revealed her nude coloured knickers as she lay down on the stadium field ahead of her big moment

LADY Gaga accidentally flashed more than she bargained for as she prepared for her half time show at Sunday’s Super Bowl.

The Born This Way singer will perform at the halfway point in the game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons in Houston, Texas.

9Lady Gaga has posed on the field ahead of her halftime show at the SuperbowlCredit: Getty Images
9Gaga accidentally flashed her nude pants as she got into position on the floorCredit: Getty Images

But before taking to the stage, Gaga headed out onto the field to pose for pictures, but forego comfortable shoes for a pair of black high heels which went with her all-black ensemble.

As well as throwing a football, the 30-year-old swished the flowing train of her skirt around as she strutted across the grass, before lying on her side and posing with her sunglasses on, not realising she was giving some onlookers a glimpse of her flesh coloured knickers underneath.

As she got into position, her short hemline revealed her pants as she lifted her leg, at first giving the illusion she had no underwear on at all, but thankfully for Gaga, she did and her blushes were spared a little.

9The singer lifted her shades at one point to show off her natural beautyCredit: Getty Images9Gaga showed off her fantastic legs in the skirt which featured a long trainCredit: Getty Images9Gaga made full use of the long train as she strutted her stuff on the grassCredit: Getty Images

As the singer headed back inside to get ready for her big moment, she showed off her slim pins thanks to the short hemline at the front of her skirt.Earlier this week, Gaga spoke of her excitement at being the star performer this year, following in the footsteps of Beyonce, Madonna, and her personal favourite, Michael Jackson.

At a press conference on Thursday the New Yorker vowed to put on a show the sporting crowds will “never forget.”

She revealed her favourite half-time memory was watching  the King of Pop rock the Rose Bowl in California in 1993 and gushed: “Watching Michael Jackson do the halftime show is one of the fondest memories that I have.

9Gaga typically wore high heels to head onto the fieldCredit: Getty Images

9Gaga has denied Beyonce will be joining her on stage during her performanceCredit: Getty Images”He encapsulates everything that you love about a great performer.”You watch him go on stage and you can see he’s getting his head into the zone and he’s having a true defining moment. It’s what it must feel like to be a champion.”9The singer was in high spirits ahead of her big performanceCredit: Getty Images9The star was clearly excited to be in Houston for the showCredit: Getty Images

After Gaga used a bee emoji – the symbol of Beyonce’s ‘Beehive’ fanbase – while praising her pal’s hometown of Houston on Instagram, fans started speculating the ‘Formation’ singer would be joining her at the show, but the ‘Poker Face’ star suggested that isn’t the case.

She said: “Oh boy, do you guys read into everything. You know what, I wouldn’t read into it, no.”

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