(VIDEO) Darius Jackson LEAKS Tape CONFIRMING Usher Is G.a.y With Diddy

In recent days, the media has been buzzing with revelations surrounding the past relationship.

Of Kiki Palmer and Darius Jackson, with a leaked audio recording involving Usher now taking center stage.

Darius Jackson LEAKS Tape CONFIRMING Usher Is Gay With Diddy - YouTube

The 8-minute clip, released by DJ Academics via Hot New Hip Hop, features a phone conversation between.

Jackson and Palmer’s mother, Miss Sharon, allegedly recorded without Jackson’s knowledge.

The Unfolding Drama:

The leaked audio captures a heated exchange where Miss Sharon passionately expresses her grievances towards Jackson and his family.

Emotions run high as she vehemently defends her daughter against controversies surrounding her and Usher.

Shockingly, she exclaims that Usher is gay, leading to a cascade of revelations and speculations.

Fabricated Claims and Legal Actions:

However, Miss Sharon later admitted to fabricating the statements, revealing that she concocted the falsehood to discourage Darius from pursuing her daughter. This revelation adds another layer to the already complex narrative.

Legal Troubles and Restraining Orders:
The situation took a serious turn when Kiki Palmer filed for a domestic violence restraining order against Darius Jackson.

This move came after he allegedly trespassed into her home, making threats and engaging in physical altercations.

The couple had publicly confirmed their relationship in March 2022 and welcomed their son in February 2023.

Palmer’s Connection with Usher:

The tension between Palmer and Jackson escalated further after Palmer appeared in Usher’s music video for “Boyfriend.”

This collaboration led to their separation, and the leaked audio now exposes Miss Sharon’s intense verbal tirade against Darius and his family.

Usher’s Past Exposed:

In a surprising turn of events, the leaked audio has reignited speculations about Usher’s past.

Including alleged involvement with Diddy in sordid activities during his teenage years.

Previous rumors about Diddy’s relationships with young individuals have resurfaced, creating a storm of controversy around both Usher and Diddy.

Other Celebrities Share Experiences:

Several celebrities, including Jamie Foxx and rapper Zebit, have come forward to share their uncomfortable experiences with Diddy.

Jamie Foxx highlighted Diddy’s infamous Hollywood parties, shedding light on the darker aspects of the entertainment industry.

Public Reaction and Impact on Usher’s Image:

As the public digests these revelations, there is growing concern about Usher’s long-standing friendship with Diddy and its potential impact on his public image.

The leaked audio, coupled with past allegations, has led to questions about Usher’s associations and credibility.


The unfolding drama, fueled by leaked audio and shocking revelations, continues to captivate media attention.

As the public awaits further developments, the impact on Usher’s reputation and the broader discourse on Hollywood’s darker side remains a topic of intense speculation.

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